Another October, and here I am again,  just starting my sabbatical. In case you’re new to me, I go on sabbatical for Q4 of each year and use the time to travel, sleep (a LOT), engage in even better-than-usual self-care, and rejuvenate. In doing that, I get bursts of ideas for the next year, and my creativity goes into high gear. I credit this sabbatical with being one of the reasons AssistU is nearly 20 years old (I’m proof that taking more time off than less is a very, very good thing!)

During sabbatical, I also take time away from writing Moxie, but I refuse to leave you high and dry!

What I suggest to help you get your weekly dose of Moxie is:

  • A dive into some of our older, and well-loved posts:
  1. Getting to Abundance: What You Believe Matters!
  2. You Are Always More Important
  3. Refuse to Hold Others Down No Matter Who Seems to Benefit
  4. Responsibility Without Authority Sucks
  5. To Be Respected, Be Respectful
  6. Better Relationships Via Truth Telling
  7. Unexpected Events Help You Create Stronger Standards
  8. You’re Not Mother of the Universe
  9. Do You Dream of Having a Lousy Business, Poor Health, and a Crappy Life?
  10. Incentives Are Seductive Lies. Be Honest and Ask For the Business You Want
  11. Handling Pushy Clients Who Violate Boundaries
  12. Use Willpower to Reclaim Your Mojo!
  13. Expand What Over-delivering Means to You in Order to More Easily Make it Happen
  14. Resolve to Clear Away All Bugs on the Windshield of Life
  • Making sure you’re connected to us in Social: we’re most alive on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, and you’ll find our Social icons at the top of our site.
  • Checking out our sister blog over on to see what we’re sharing with clienty people about working with you. There could be some awesome nuggets there for you!  If you need a starting place, try these:
  1. Why We Love the Word “Sidekick” to Describe a Great Virtual Assistant
  2. Some Perspective on Unused VA Hours
  3. Soft Skills Trump Hard Skills Every Time
  4. How to Prevent Ending Up in a Crappy Relationship With a Virtual Assistant
  5. The #1 Thing I Wish People Would Stop “Teaching” About Virtual Assistants

And we’re going to have some guest posts there while I’m away, so be sure to read those!

Until the New Year, I hope your Q4 rolls out with all the goodness your business can hold! ♥