Colored bar that says Giving Back

Giving Back

AssistU absolutely believes in doing good while doing well, and we regularly donate to charities that, wholly or in part, benefit people at risk in the US. While we’re certainly rooting for folks the world over, we can only do so much, and believe charity begins at home. As a US-based company , we feel it’s only right to put our attention and efforts here. Once no one struggles at home, we’ll be happy to give in other places.

Here are the organizations we’re choosing to support in 2023:


To Write Love on Her Arms began as a way to tell a friend’s story, and has grown into a movement dedicated to offering hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. With so many people struggling—and especially young people—we are happy to get behind what TWLOHA embraces: The vision is hope, and hope is real.

Joyful Heart

The vision of Joyful Heart Foundation is a world free of sexual, domestic, and child violence and abuse. We love that they are passionately working to transform society’s response to these horrible realities while supporting survivors’ healing through a three-prong approach in the areas of advocacy, education, and healing.  We love supporting them!

Love & Cornbread

Every Saturday at noon, rain or shine, the Love & Cornbread volunteers show up on a corner in Baltimore City to share homemade comfort food with anyone who wants to join them, bringing delicious and nourishing eats, friendship and inclusivity to a world that can be sorely lacking in all three.

As a company born and raised in Baltimore, with a founder who loves this city more than most people we’ve met, it feels entirely loving to us to support Love & Cornbread as they support our neighbors.

“Q: How are we supposed to treat others? A: There are no others.”
– Ramana Maharshi