Qualify Any Prospect in Three Minutes, Max

When I was training as a professional coach at Coach University, I learned a very powerful thing: Play to the strong, not to the weak. (More on this, here) In essence, that means that you don’t spend any more time than is absolutely necessary on folks you know...

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Whenever You See Two Options Choose the Third

There was a client who came through the Registry at AssistU for a referral to our VAs. A variety of VAs found him interesting and responded to his request. In response, he sent each a laundry list of questions he expected her to answer prior to his setting up a time...

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Moxie Starts in a Deep, Quiet Place

I had the most interesting conversation with a new mentee at AssistU. Her POV on moxie had it dealing with action. Strong action—ballsy action. I shared with her that while it’s often true that moxie deals with action, moxie starts with strength…internally,...

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Never Agree to Being Paid for Outcomes

One of my coaching clients said that she’d been approached by a prospective client who, in discussing his needs, said he wanted to only pay her for successful outcomes based on the work she did, rather than simply paying her for her work. She asked what I...

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Don’t Leave Money on the Table!

Jasmine picked my brain with a billing question. One of her clients has her making lots of phone calls. Often, Jasmine ends up sitting on hold for long periods of time. And when she does, there’s another client’s work that’s easy to do at the same time. Her question...

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Virtual Moxie

Moxie comes from living your truth, and running your business in a way that honors it. It takes a willingness to explore who you are and what you want, high standards, savvy, commitment, smarts, skill, a terrific strength of character, and ease with grace and humility.

Every Tuesday, we explore some element or aspect of moxie to help you raise your own bar on a truly amazing life and business. We hope you’ll visit often, or sign up below to get some Moxie delivered to your Inbox!.

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