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I had heard about AssistU years before I was ready to enroll. A good friend had been working with an AssistU VA at the time and LOVED her so much! I was in a transition phase with my own career, and my friend suggested I speak with her VA, as she had a hunch it was a career path that I would be interested in. We spoke, and I learned all about what a VA does and how one works, and about AssistU. I knew this conversation was important, but I wasn’t ready yet. I bookmarked the AssistU website and for the next five years I would occasionally go back to it. I read everything! I clicked on every link and read about all the VA’s and what their businesses looked like. I knew that one day I would be one of them.

When I was accepted into the training, I was assigned a mentor and received all of the program materials. The program was comprehensive. Throughout the months I learned so much about running my own business. It wasn’t about how to do the work a VA does, it was about how to be a VA. How to run a sustainable business. How to set standards and boundaries. How to create a strong foundation. Not only how to create a business plan, but to actually create a business plan. Having a mentor meant there was someone to ask questions, and in addition to that Anastacia held meetings with the trainees. Not only did I feel supported but I really felt that I was cared about. I could already tell that as long as I showed up and gave my best, I would not be alone. That was huge for me.

By the time I completed the training program, I had already built my strong foundation. With this, I entered the community, and the learning has never stopped. So much goes on there! It is not just a place where you can ask questions and get or give answers. There are monthly meetings for all different types of groups. There are special training sessions. There is the Registry! What is most special about the community though is the women who are in it. I have met some amazing people – including the women whose websites I looked at time and time again while I was gearing up to enroll. I am over the moon to now be one of them.

I am beyond grateful to be an AssistU VA. It is without a doubt a top notch professional organization.

and the role it plays in my weekly life.

Maria Aoukar

Maria Aoukar, Virtual Assistant

I stumbled upon AssistU and am so thankful that I did! The AssistU training program really sets AssistU trained Virtual Assistants apart from other VAs. I worked in the corporate world for many years, and although I had the skill set, I hadn’t run my own business before. This program taught me all aspects of setting up and running a successful, sustainable business that benefits both myself and my clients.

Because of this, I am confident that my business has a solid foundation and can withstand the long term.

One thing that really impressed me about AssistU trained VAs is the high code of ethics that we are bound to. It gives me another layer of confidence when working with my clients.

I also appreciate the AssistU Community, which offers support and camaraderie.

I am so happy to say that I am working with clients that I love and doing work that I love. AssistU really has changed my life! I highly recommend it.

Brooke McAnally

Brooke McAnally, Virtual Assistant

At first I was skeptical. Why would I pay a lot of money for the program when I could join other membership organizations for less than $50 and build my business on my own? I did a lot of thinking and investigation on my way to making a decision, and it was during that time that I figured out something important about AssistU and their approach. It’s about heart. AssistU has it in spades, and I’d lost it in the corporate world. I wanted what clearly permeated the entire AssistU community; a collaborative spirit and holistic approach to building a successful business without sacrificing self in the process. What they knew would take me forever to learn on my own, and I decided that their structure would support me in moving forward toward success in ways I never would alone. So I took the leap of faith, and found that AssistU, the program, and being a VA were everything I’d hoped for… and more!

Sunny Bain

Sunny's Virtual Assistance

Before attending AssistU I was working as Director of Operations in a financial services company. On the side, I had been helping a couple of entrepreneurs with their administrative work and they wanted more of my time. I was in a place where I really wanted out of my job, so I began to wonder if I could make a business out of the whole administrative-support-thing. Researching that as an option brought me to AssistU, and in-turn, AssistU became the single best investment I made in my future.

It was an intimidating process – being accepted as a potential AssistU student. It took diligent focus, time management, and the ability to prioritize and work independently to graduate. These are keys to being successful in my own VA practice and I found it almost a training within a training to meet the high standards that AssistU has for those who graduate from the program.

AssistU’s practical, focused training provided me with the knowledge and skills to create a solid foundation under my business. My AssistU membership continue to provides me with learning opportunities, additional training, collaboration with like-minded Virtual Assistants, a community in which to engage, brainstorm, find support, and incredible friendships. It was not always easy. I was challenged with the marketing side of being a solopreneur. The coaching and community support available as an AssistU VA got me through a very challenging time and enveloped me as I focused on building my practice.

Working from home, with ideal clients and doing work I love is the most rewarding and empowering thing I have ever had the opportunity to do. I am more confident, happier, and am more fulfilled than I could ever be at a corporate 9-5 job. I am cubicle-ruined. I have the freedom to set my own rules, call my own shots, and be the person I believe I was created to be. I cannot imagine my life without my business and it would be impossible for me to fathom my business without the AssistU community and the role it plays in my weekly life.

Amy Hood

Amy Hood VA

I was a Senior Executive Assistant for an International Consulting Firm, working from home, and loving every minute of what I did. When they sold the company off in parts, they offered me a position in LA or DC and, well, I’m not an LA or DC girl. I knew I loved and was great at what I did, and really wanted to continue doing something that ‘jazzed’ me. Years before applying to AU, a friend had sent me an article about Virtual Assistance. When my life was at this crossroads, I did quite a bit of research, had recently read an article and even saw AssistU on TV (on the Today show). I was incredibly drawn to apply and am thrilled I did!

Not only is the training sensible, but, in some cases, life changing! Yes, I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but really, some of the things I learned have impacted not only my business, but my life.

I learned so much more than I expected! Not as much about how to be a VA, but about business, setting effective strong standards and boundaries, insights into myself and amazingly about life! Worth every penny and every minute spent!!

It’s difficult to put into words the strength and support from start to finish. From the first welcome, to the intense and encompassing training, to knowing there is always somewhere to turn with a question, concern, or a place to share a Win or ‘Aha’ you feel embraced in goodness!

Sometimes it’s tough to count the number of ways the program impacted my life. One that immediately comes to mind (of course other than what I’ve written above!) is: I not only have better standards and boundaries about my business, but about my life as well. My ‘tolerations’ are so much fewer and the drama, in my life and business has been whittled down to a minimum. I’m grateful.

Terri Piper

Best Exec VA

One night I was on the search for my next career. I knew what it would look like, and I knew how it would feel, but I couldn’t articulate it.

I was on the search, and during my search, I found the term Virtual Assistant, and from there, I found the AssistU website. What I found on this website was exactly the business I had been trying so hard to articulate.

Anastacia Brice clearly states that AssistU was not for everyone. It was only for those who wanted to be the best they can be. I was hooked. I remember that, back then, the AssistU website was a warm honey colour, and it felt like a bright ray of sunshine to me. Not only did I want to train with AssistU, but I also wanted to train with Anastacia personally. I filled out the very detailed application form that night. As you can tell, I was accepted, and I never looked back.

I can confidently say that AssistU offers the most premier training for Virtual Assistants. Not only do you receive the knowledge that truly prepares you to run and manage your own profitable business as a Virtual Assistant, but it also supports you throughout this journey as you build your business. I believe the support offered by Anastacia and AssistU is incomparable.

I have been a profitable Virtual Assistant for nearly 18 years since my initial training with AssistU and my continued membership in the AssistU community. I am the primary income earner in my household and have successfully done so for my entire career as a Virtual Assistant. My membership offers me regular sessions to discover, discuss, and develop my business and classes to create and refine my business processes and procedures. In addition, I was taught and learned how to be a business owner of equal stature with my clients. As well as support my clients with confidence.

The AssistU community is a safe space for the Virtual Assistants to find their feet and continue growing and building with complete support without judgement. I honestly believe it is the only place to start and maintain a thriving Virtual Assistant business.  I know that, for me, AssistU has been fundamentals to my success.

Petra Boucher

Petra Boucher, Virtual Business Manager

When I first started my Virtual Assistant business I really didn’t know where to begin.  I didn’t know what to charge, I didn’t know how to find clients, I wasn’t sure how to show up powerfully for my clients once we started working together.  I felt a little lost, I was just making up as I went along – and I was doing it ALONE.  I’m so grateful that I was introduced to the program and the AssistU community.  Through the program I learned how to set strong boundaries, how to charge for my support, how to find ideal clients, and how to really show up as a high level Virtual Assistance – something that helped me stand out from the crowd and have the confidence to charge what I’m worth.  I also gained the support of an incredible community, one where I could go to get support, peers that I could grow with, and people who could give me feedback on any issues I was experiencing.  I was no longer going it alone.  AssistU has been instrumental in being able to build a successful business – helping me to create a strong foundation for my business, one that will continue to support me for many years to come.

Sarah Neumann


AssistU has changed my life forever in so many great ways.

I was working as the Executive Administrative Assistant for the Vice President of the Office of Information Resources when he handed me an article from the Washington Post and said that I need to investigate AssistU and considering becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA). I immediately asked if he was trying to tell me something about my future employment and he laughed and said, “nope. I just think you’ll make a great VA.” A year later, I applied to AssistU and started my VA journey!

Anastacia Brice, owner of AssistU, has created a nurturing, safe, thriving community of VAs. I knew I was doing something good for myself as soon as I was accepted into the community. The community is the heart and soul of AssistU. The women in the community are generous, thoughtful, supportive, kind, transparent, friendly, and so much more. I have made friends for life among many of the woman within the community. There is a bond that is built as you share your highs and lows with likeminded people that isn’t easily broken. The community of VAs is my favorite part of AssistU!

While I ran a successful VA practice for 17 years, life happened and I was forced to leave my practice. I took an extended break, and I even took a corporate job. Then being confronted with another family situation that required me to have more flexibility in my work day, I decided to become a VA again.

There was no other organization I thought about connecting myself with, and I NEVER thought to do it alone. I had to reapply to AssistU and go through the training program all over again. In essence I am starting from scratch, and all the glorious things I remember about the community and the training have just amplified with desire to come back and to be a BETTER, STRONGER business woman.

I am a second time graduate of AssistU. I can say I’ve been exposed to all facets of training within the AssistU organization, I’ve experienced every level of certification (and I intend to go back to my CMVA level), and I have only gained more through new relationships and opportunities to improve.

This time around, I’m working very closely with Anastacia as my coach to help me build a stronger business foundation that will weather any storm and create a profitable outcome for me and my family.

I am so overjoyed to be an AssistU VA for the second and final time!

Antonette Artiz

Antonette Artiz, VA

I had left my job to be home with my kids and wanted to be able to earn some supplemental income while they were at school. The job I had was with a very family-oriented company; I never received push-back if I needed to stay home with a sick child or miss work for a special event. I was grateful for that *and* I wanted more — for myself and for my children. I wanted to be present for my children in a way that simply wasn’t possible with a full-time, traditional job.

I decided to invest in the training because what I read on the AssistU website and on the Virtual Moxie blog resonated strongly with me and I felt confident in a healthy ROI.

Speaking purely in monetary terms, I went into debt for the training and for my initial office set-up (equipment, etc.)  and within a year of opening my virtual doors, I had paid off everything in full.

The program was very practical. I already knew how to be a good assistant, so teaching me as though I lacked that foundation would have been a waste. A great deal of what I learned had to do with how to make the shift (successfully) from being an employee to owning and running a business, and this was exactly what I needed.

Being in business for myself eliminated my commute and allowed me to set my hours of operation around the school day. Because of the training I received at AssistU, I’ve been able to work with fascinating people. Very likely, I wouldn’t have had access to those people but for AssistU.

Nicole Paull

Mainspring Enterprises

I’m grateful every day for becoming a virtual assistant through AssistU’s dynamic, professional training program. Before coming to AssistU, I worked as an Administrative Assistant and Program Manager at a community college. I also did a lot of volunteer work at our local semi-professional dance company helping them with a variety of administrative tasks.

I first heard about AssistU in 1999 at a training I attended at our local community college for women entrepreneurs. I always dreamed of owning my own business, yet that dream was delayed until 14 years later. In June of 2013, I was finally able to take the leap and invest in myself and my future by applying for the Virtual Mentoring Program at AssistU to become a virtual assistant! I was thrilled to be accepted into their comprehensive training program.

By far, this has been the best investment I’ve made in myself and my life. I had years of administrative skills and training behind me, yet I had no idea of how to take those skills to start, operate and sustain my own virtual assistance business. AssistU gave me the foundation and “building blocks” required to turn my dream into a reality. It was all there! Everything needed to run my own virtual assisting business, from ethics and the highest of standards to improving my time management skills, building policies and procedures, choosing a business structure, meeting and interviewing potential clients, self-care and continued professional and personal growth. My goldmine was the comprehensive, top-notch program I discovered at AssistU. I discovered my home!

The Virtual Mentoring Program is absolutely amazing! Having a skilled and knowledgeable mentor to work with was beyond my expectations. My mentor helped me through every phase of my business planning and was there every step of the way. Having a mentor to walk through this training with is irreplaceable. To actually see another virtual assistant running their own business with the high standards, ethics and business knowledge set in place by AssistU, was by far one of my most valuable experiences. And, the support doesn’t end with graduation. I have a supportive, caring community through AssistU that I can turn to at any time with other professional virtual assistants.

I’m happier than I’ve ever been owning my own business, being a Virtual Assistant and belonging to the AssistU Community. I can set my own hours, choose who I want to work with, have time for my family – and my precious grandchildren – and do work that I love! I can’t imagine my life any other way now and am forever grateful for Anastacia Brice and the amazing training I’ve received through the Virtual Mentoring Program at AssistU!

If you’ve ever considered owning your own business as a virtual assistant and want a rock-solid foundation built underneath you, I wholeheartedly recommend Anastacia Brice and AssistU! Anastacia has built her virtual assistant training program from years of experience, a tremendous amount of heart and soul and a true desire to see others succeed in their own virtual assistant business. I’m a better person today for knowing Anastacia Brice, AssistU, and my fellow virtual assistants. My life is forever clearly changed from it!

Pat Denzer

Pat Denzer, VA

In 2013, my life changed for the good forever. That is when I began my AssistU journey to becoming a successful Virtual Assistant.

I first came to know of AssistU and Virtual Assistance in the late 90s when I was researching home-based businesses. I took their cohort-based training, and I developed life-long connections through that. Although life got in the way of starting my business back then, when I came back to it in 2013, I knew the AssistU way was the only way to go. I went through the grueling 4-month VMP (mentor-led) course and TWO-DAY testing very successfully and began to grow my business within months solely due to what I had learned and the additional connections made.

There are A LOT of VA training systems out there, and some of them are good. Some less expensive, some more. But to learn how to run a highly successful VA business with a handful of ideal, long-term clients – do it the AssistU way. You will learn the intangibles. You will learn how to do things that you think will not work but I am here to tell you they absolutely do! Anastacia Brice, the amazing founder and CEO of AssistU (and the person who was instrumental in making Virtual Assistance even a thing), knows that she knows that she knows what she teaches us WORKS. AssistU equips future VAs with tools and skills to run their businesses which is a value that is immeasurable. Going through this journey alongside others who are exactly where you are, you will develop life-long relationships. The AssistU community of graduates are always supportive and encouraging. This wayward sister, who thought she’d cut corners and do it an “easier way” realized easier isn’t better. Tried and true, I am so honored to have been trained by AssistU and to be a part of this amazing community.

If you’ve considered Virtual Assistance as a career, I HIGHLY recommend you look into AssistU. It’ll be the best investment you will ever make in your life. Trust me.

Robin Miles

Reflection VA

I came across AssistU when I was in the beginning stages of my Virtual Assistance practice in 2002. I can’t imagine having run my business as successfully and profitably for all these years without the foundations and guidance I received during the AssistU Virtual Training Program.

The program sets the bar high; it’s exceptionally comprehensive and the requirements for admission in to the AssistU community are stringent. In my opinion, there’s no other program like it.  I’ve seen many other VA programs online that will certify someone for a low fee, but in those instances, you get what you pay for – a piece of paper that means absolutely nothing in the real world of business.

Once in the AssistU community, you’ll find a community of women who are truly supportive in a non-competitive environment. As a business owner, it’s easy to work in a vacuum but this community has enabled me to form bonds with like-minded women who are interested in personal and professional growth and who share the same values that I do. The regular community calls and online interaction also keep me current on trends that I need to know about so that I can serve my clients well. In all the years I’ve been an active member, I’ve never ceased to be amazed at not only the professionalism, knowledge and depth of sharing by the members but also the involvement of AssistU’s founder, Anastacia Brice.

If you’re serious about setting yourself up for long term success as a Virtual Assistant, I highly recommend AssistU.

Gayle Bu

Bu Virtual Office Services

Imagine starting as an entrepreneur in an industry you have scarcely heard of in your networks, yet which intriguingly seems to offer the kind of work and lifestyle that align with your overall goals and vision of life – that’s how I felt when I first looked into AssistU. I had a lot of doubts and uncertainties initially but reassured by how candidly and eloquently Anastacia spoke of the industry, I took the leap and signed up. The result of what I’ve built for myself since completing the program affirms that going through the VMP was one of the best decisions of my career. From the straight-to-the-point comprehensive course readings to the real life/real time advice being offered by senior VA’s in the Facebook group – by the end of the program I not only felt that starting a virtual assistance practice was doable, I also had a customized, practical path (in the form of a business plan) mapped out in front of me to work along on my own. Virtual assistance as defined by the AssistU model offered me an elegantly developed, flexible model to doing value-adding work completely on my own terms and more importantly, incorporating into my business the non-negotiable standard that work should always contribute to a life that I love – all of which were novel concepts to me at the time.

One of my favourite aspects about the program was that most of the material addressed larger picture topics like business structure, as well as the business owner mindset – both strategic pieces that, had I started my business without AssistU, I would’ve likely spent years learning the hard way. I feel that beyond preparing me for the virtual assistance industry and the challenges of being a business owner, the VMP is also a loving, wisely written handbook on how to dream up the business and life you love, and go out to make it happen – all the while delivering on your highest standard of integrity and ethics. It introduced an operating system, a way of thinking and being, that I know will continue to serve me in manifesting my ideal life regardless of whether my path continues on virtual assistance or not. If you are looking into virtual assistance only as a way to make money fast, the VMP isn’t for you. If you are ready to start a beautiful revolution in yourself and your view of work and life, then I would recommend this program wholeheartedly.

Jess Van

If you’re considering investing in training through AssistU, I have only two words for you: do it. My association with AssistU has been the single most important factor in the ongoing success of my practice.

Before I started the VMP, I had spent many years in the corporate world, including being part of the management team of a small company (in which I did most of my work virtually), so it wasn’t as if I didn’t have an understanding of how to run a business. But I knew that I needed more about how to run THIS kind of business, and felt a strong pull towards the AssistU philosophy.

The program itself is solid – you work your way through establishing the foundations of a sustainable practice: finding and interviewing prospective clients, developing your policies and establishing your fee structure, managing your client relationships, and so much more. If you choose the mentoring option, you’ve got a successful VA who’s been exactly where you are to answer your questions and walk with you as you navigate the coursework. What really sets AssistU apart is its commitment to maintaining the highest standards for its training program: you don’t just pay the fee and get a diploma in the mail. Trainees are carefully chosen and you earn your credentials. Because of this, AssistU graduates enjoy a reputation of being among the most professional VAs in the industry.

But the value found in AssistU doesn’t end once you’ve graduated. You have a community of like-minded individuals who share and support one another with information, insights, and strategies for solving most any problem you’d encounter in your work with your clients. What I have learned through my training and the ongoing support of the AssistU community is so much more than the mechanics of being a virtual assistant, though that’s certainly part of it. It’s the mindset, the thought process, of building a practice that fits you and your life. I have a confidence and self-assurance as a VA that I would never have found on my own. I have a handful of terrific clients, doing work that I love, on my own terms, in my own business, and I’ve never been happier in my career.

Jude Rush

Jude Rush Virtual Assistance

AssistU was the beginning of my new wonderful life after a rough battle with a 25+ year career of working for someone else that obviously was not working for me. Starting over was terrifying, frustrating and truly difficult for me. My mentor, Anastacia Brice, understood and allowed me to take the baby steps I needed. The training program itself was very thorough to say the least, covering all aspects of being a top-notch virtual assistant and then some. Between the program, the resources and the AssistU Community, I was able to complete the program with incredible insights into this new world. A key area that stood out for me above all was to be true to myself, to trust the Law of Attraction to use my skills and expertise to work with like-minded clients and never have to deal with bullies or office politics ever again.

I never thought I could be this happy. This program offers more than just training, it’s the opportunity to be part of an amazing family. Thank you Anastacia from the bottom of my heart for doing what you do and making a difference in my life.

Lynn Nagora

High Caliber Virtual Assistance

Once I decided to become a Virtual Assistant and started researching how I would go about it, I was fortunate enough to come across AssistU. After looking into their program further, I knew the Virtual Mentoring Program would be a wise choice and it ended up being one of the best decisions I ever made. I was looking for training that was not only reputable and had a solid foundation, but also professional and ethical. AssistU is all that and more! In fact AssistU is theHarvard of Virtual Assistance training. Their training program doesn’t just teach you to be a top-notch VA, it also teaches you how to run a profitable VA business with a solid foundation.

The investment I made in the program and in myself has certainly paid off and I truly believe I wouldn’t be as far as I am today without the fabulous training I received at AssistU. I get to work with people I adore and do work that I love! I would highly recommend AssistU to anyone considering becoming a VA.

Danita Currie

DMC Virtual Assistant

I enrolled in AssistU’s Virtual Mentoring Program after about ten months of setting up my business on my own.

Initially, I thought I could do it all myself but I found that I had many questions and I wasn’t sure where or how to find the answers.

I knew a handful of people in my personal network who worked with Anastacia and highly recommended her.

When I went to the website, I couldn’t believe how much I resonated with everything that was said. It was so exciting to see an organization based around administrative work taking a holistic approach to building your business in a way that honors every aspect of your life.

The program challenged me and held me accountable in the most perfect way for me. I am a very independent person who likes to handle things on my own and the program allowed me the space to do that. I never felt judged or criticized but they definitely kept it real with me and let me know where I needed to improve.

Before the program, I didn’t consider myself a planner. My mantra back in the day used to be “I don’t make plans”. Now I have a whole new appreciation for it and I am having fun planning every aspect of my life. Most importantly, I now have a working business plan that I can follow and build upon for the future.

The most exciting thing I received from the program was a new perspective of myself and my business. I am more confident now and know what I need to do to improve. I understand the importance of partnership and building a firm foundation. I also understand how to cultivate relationships that will support me and my vision for the future.

Thank you AssistU!

Kristin Lobdell


After I received my teacher’s Degree and couldn’t find work, I sort of fell into secretarial/administrative positions in the corporate world. I started enjoying being a part of a team and worked my way up to Executive/Personal and Confidential Secretary quickly. I stayed in the corporate world for 20+ years but found that, over time, I was disenchanted. When I heard about AssistU, I realized this was what I wanted to do: work from Home, choose my clients, and be flexible. We travel a lot so taking my business with me and being able to work everywhere was an added bonus.

Since I opened my business I’ve never looked back. I am working with great clients in trusting relationships. I have learned much, made new friends, and am thrilled that clients appreciate and love me. My business life has changed from not wanting to go to work to looking forward to every day.

The training has provided the foundation upon which to build the business. It’s solid and not everyone is invited to participate. AssistU has high standards and is selective in its trainees.

In short, this was the best business decision I could have made.

Beatrice Ten-Thye

Beatrice Ten-Thye

I fell into being a Virtual Assistant after many years of providing high-level administrative and project management support to executives. After a year of working as a VA, I realized that if I wanted to be in business long-term, I needed to learn how to be a business owner and run my VA practice profitably and sustainably.

AssistU’s Virtual Mentoring Program was just what I needed. It taught me everything I needed to know about how to set up a solid foundation for my business. The materials and the input from my mentor and from Anastacia helped me break out of the employee mentality and see myself as a business owner, equal to my clients and capable of having the business I want on my own terms.

Now that I have graduated from the VMP, I am part of the AssistU community, which is so valuable! I’m so thankful to be a part of a community of professional, passionate business owners who encourage and help each other and have the same high standards and view of our profession and industry.

I’m grateful to AssistU and to Anastacia Brice for providing the training and the community for me to successfully create the life and business of my dreams.

Michelle Micheals

Heart-Centered Virtual Assistance

Before I started training at AssistU, I had moved to a part-time position after we received a medical diagnosis for our youngest son. I honestly decided to invest in the training out of desperation. I had been contemplating joining the mentoring program for about three years since receiving the diagnosis. I knew it was just a matter of time before I would need (and want) to be home more to help care for my son. So I started the training to help supplement our family income. My goal was to slowly build a side business that I could fall back on if necessary.

. I cannot put in to words how much the program has meant to me. When I took the final exam and pulled my first “all-nighter” since college I realized that I could definitely make this into something I enjoyed and wanted to do…not something I had to do to help provide for my family and take care of my son. That night it became something I *get* to do. And I get to do it for me. That is priceless in my opinion.

The program was ABSOLUTELY worth the investment My confidence has increased tremendously. Before AssistU and the connections I have made, I was just getting through life and surviving. Don’t get me wrong, I have a great life. But I had lost sight of *me* somewhere along the way. But I now feel like I’m *doing* something and doing it well. I feel like I am contributing to my family and this world in a way that I wasn’t before I went all in. I have always enjoyed learning and I have thrived on pushing myself in new ways. I lost that for a few years. AssistU helped me get my drive, perseverance and confidence back!

My mentor was instrumental in my ability to establish the type of business I desire. She helped show me that I can incorporate my beliefs, my desires and my goals in to the independent business that I want. She helped me realize that I don’t have to settle for the norm or for what society deems is the standard for small business owners. Amy also provided me with a security knowing that I had someone to turn to, ask questions and bounce ideas off of through the entire process. Knowing that she went through the program, believes in the program, and has already established her own business, was comforting to me.

The training is very practical. There are realistic examples and scenarios throughout the course. It allows you to think for yourself, set your own standards, but also give you advise in a very real and practical way. What I love most about the training is how it flows over to multiple aspects of my life. It has not only helped me become an independent small business owner and an entrepreneur; but it has made a positive impact on me in my personal life. The training at AssistU is more comprehensive than simply setting up a business. You can do that anywhere. The training at AssistU helps you attain your full potential professionally and personally.

The best accomplishments in life are the ones you have to work hard to get. If something is easy to achieve, it tends not to mean as much. I know that I worked hard to get where I am in this program. I also know that AssistU has high standards and they won’t bend or ignore them for anyone. When I graduated and was invited to join their community of virtual assistants, I could rest assured that I earned that honor. It also continues to push me to be someone they can be proud to have in their community.

I would also say that the training provided is a personal journey. I appreciated the structure of the training and the deadlines provided. However, I also appreciated that my mentor and AssistU was willing to work through a personal issue that arose during my training. Life happens. Amy, Anastacia and the AssistU family understood that and supported me. I was able to return to the program within the allotted time, finish, and finish strong!  Like I have said before, I have struggled with my self worth for some time. It’s been a long time since I have been able to think, yet alone *say* anything positive about myself. Through this process, I had a spark of the old me. I am able to dream again and reach for a professional independence I have always dreamed of achieving. The support at AssistU provided that strong foundation to the beginning of a new future.

I truly feel that the AssistU family came into my life at a crucial point in time. I am a blessed to have this opportunity. My present and my future have been positively influenced by this program.

“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” (Proverbs 27:17)

Sara Clime

Triumph VA

Before starting my AU training, I’d worked 33 years in various admin positions – always working FOR someone, which was okay since, being the introvert (ISFJ) that I am, I always preferred being the back-office person instead of the boss. Well, the Universe must have had other plans for me, because in 2000, my boss scolded me loudly for no apparent reason – and in front of another person, no less. I felt disrespected, resentful and knew in my heart that I deserved better. So I quit – without having another job lined up!

As synchronicity would have it, the gal who replaced me gave me a book – Cheryl Richardson’s Take Time for Your Life. Cheryl advised many of her overwhelmed clients to get a Virtual Assistant. That was the first time I’d heard about VAs, so I was very curious and clicked on AU’s link that Cheryl had provided. As I read about virtual assistance, I got so excited! Everything about AU and the program spoke to my heart. I WANTED TO BE A VA!!!

Although the application process sounded daunting, my desire to be a VA surpassed my fears and doubts. So I applied; was accepted; and successfully completed the VTP in 2002.

I’ve been a VA for 14 years now, and I can honestly say my investment in the time, energy and money to become a VA was worth every bit! Yes, I’ve had my share of challenges, but the advantages far exceed them. I’ve met and worked with the most incredible people who have inspired me to be and do my best. I have the flexibility to work when I want to work and with whom. The “with whom” is a biggie since I always remember my last boss, the yeller. In retrospect though, if it were not for him I may still be in the corporate world and would have never pursued being a VA. So I’m thankful for him and for every experience that has brought me to where I am today.

Today, I’m a senior citizen (in my 70s). I feel incredibly blessed to “still” have the mental and physical capacity to sustain a business and do what I love to do. I work fewer hours today than I used to; however, my flexible schedule allows me to care for my husband who has health issues and, more importantly, to care for myself.

I am forever grateful to AU, the program and, especially, Anastacia Brice, for providing the means for me to live a purposeful life – with joy, integrity and balance.

Judy Segawa

Judy Segawa, Virtual Assistant

Anastacia Brice’s tagline/slogan for her company, is: Changing Work, Changing Lives. That is exactly what this training did for me.

Long before I found out about Anastacia or I had a terrific career in the Ad Agency world as a Project & Marketing Manager. But like many corporate careers, it consisted of high stress, long hours and not enough time for myself and my family.  So one day, I decided I had enough of that world and decided to move on. But I really didn’t know what that next move would be. This was also the same time my daughter was in pre-school. As she got a little older, I knew I wanted to be available to her, and still have a career. I wondered how I could have both? How could I make that work?

A friend of mine from my ad days and I connected and she let me know all about Anastacia, and and how the AssistU training allowed her to be available to her family and still have a rewarding career. My immediate response was, is that possible? It sounded fab as that was my kind of flexibility! I immediately emailed Anastacia, had a conversation with her and signed up and began the four month training program.

Right off the bat I knew I was in the right training for me. I already had great organizational skills, loved managing projects of all sizes, and I truly enjoyed helping others, plus I had a big desire to be my own boss. AssistU’s training was all that and more.

The training was top notch. Practical and comprehensive. We covered everything to be prepared to work virtually and run a successful business. From creating a business structure that worked best for me, to learning how to market ourselves as a business owner, to self care, to meeting and working with ideal clients. The training also included coaching from Anastacia, which to this day, is one of the most treasured assets of AssistU.  During my training and since I started my own virtual business, I have met so many talented women (and men) through AssistU. I came out of this training, with full control over my future. I could pick and choose whom I wanted to work with, my work hours, and how I structured my day. It was all on my terms.

There are a lot of VA organizations around the world, but what sets AssistU apart from the rest are the high standards every single AssistU graduate has for herself, her business, and her clients.

I feel that Anastacia Brice, and was one of those “best things that ever happened to me situations”. Both, Anastacia and the training literally changed my work and my life.

MaryJo McCann

Clarity Through Collaboration

I enrolled in AssistU’s training during my final year of college.  At the time, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for a job or career when I graduated, and read about virtual assistance in a Reader’s Digest and it sounded like it would be fun to set up my own VA business.  When I researched places online that offered VA training, AssistU was the best option to me because they offered one-to-one support as I went through the program… I liked the individualized attention.

AssistU was hands down my best investment ever!  I went into my VA business with ZERO business experience (I was 22 at the time) and AssistU has been there, for the past 8 years, supporting me as I’ve navigated different aspects of being a VA and business owner.   What I loved about the training was that it really did cover everything I would need in order to set up my VA business, and it was paced realistically so I didn’t feel rushed setting things up.  And since graduating from their training program, continuing to be a part of the AssistU Community has been so beneficial to my growth as an entrepreneur!

I didn’t come from a corporate background… I started my VA business right out of college, and what I love about my VA business is that I was able to create a business and career that works for the kind of life I want to be living right from the get-go.  I love being my own boss and getting to decide how I want my VA business to be.

I cannot imagine what my life would be like if it weren’t for AssistU.  I am 30 years old, I have a successful business working with my ideal clients and making great income.  I love being a Virtual Assistant, and even though I work for and by myself, I have never felt alone thanks to the community of amazing women in AssistU.  I also really love that Anastacia is so approachable in the community… she’s not some hard-to-reach founder who you can never talk directly too… she is an active and engaging member of the community too and is always there to support in the forum when I have questions!

If you’re just starting out in your career, fresh out of college or are completely new to being a business owner, I urge you to strongly consider AssistU if you feel Virtual Assistance might be your right path.  Their training is top notch, and the support of the community after you become an AssistU VA is worth every penny of your initial investment. You will not find a more supportive and knowledgeable group of women out there than your VA sisters at AssistU!

Kelly Morrison

The Virtual Peacock

After 20 years of running a brick and mortar business, my husband became very ill and we found ourselves closing shop so I could be home helping with his care.  After being home for several months, I realized I couldn’t just sit around doing nothing in the down time when I was not needed to assist him.

For many months I investigated what I wanted to do next; what my next path would be.  After much soul searching and research, I found AssistU and the wonderful Virtual Assistant industry.

From my first contact with AssistU, I realized I’d found my new home.  I invested in the mentorship program and was assigned a wonderful, bright, intelligent mentor.  She helped me through the coursework, held me accountable, and cheered me on, week after week.

The course taught me many things I’d been doing wrong in my other businesses.  It assisted me in setting up standards and boundaries in my business (and myself) that I hadn’t had before, and gave me clear and concise direction on how to set myself up for success.  Knowing the course the way I now do, I know that all of the VAs that take this training come out on the other side smarter, independent, loving, helpful, successful, and “fabulous”.

After graduating (yea!), I decided to continue mentoring, but with Anastacia.  Anastacia is unlike anyone I’ve ever work with before.  She approaches her coaching and life with love and tenderness.  The direction she’s given me, professionally and personally is inspiring and uplifting and the moral support I get from her and the entire AssistU Network is amazing.

By far, this has been one of the best experiences of my life.  I find myself in a new stage in life and I would suggest to anyone who asks, to definitely take this course.  It’s the best avenue, if you are looking for a positive career change, and your support group will be the best you’ve ever experienced.

Ellen Raidl

Ellen Marie VA

I cannot say enough about the skills that I have gained since I became an AssistU student and graduate.

Before finding AssistU, I worked in the International Shipping Industry for a small company. My duties ranged from filing to HR and anything in-between that was needed.

When I finally found AssistU, I was compelled to visit the site repeatedly until I finally enrolled and was accepted into the program. It was definitely attraction that kept me interested in this program. I was drawn to the high standards and ethics by which they did their business. The application process gave me the feeling of being chosen to participate in something really special and once I enrolled, I was amazed at the quality of training that I received.

My expectations were dwarfed by the level of hands-on mentoring that I received in all areas of setting up and maintaining my business. It was so worth it! The AssistU Virtual Mentoring Program covers every detail imaginable to run a successful virtual business and my mentor helped me put all of that information into practical application. She was able to walk me through theoretical scenarios to come up with solutions and she helped me work out questions that I had about my business as I was setting it up.

I can’t begin to describe the benefits that have come from this training. I use aspects of this information in my personal life, as well as, my business. Setting standards for your business and your personal life are included in the planning phase of setting up your business so that, as a business owner, you don’t burn out.

Being able to work in my own office or travel with my business offers me a freedom that was inconceivable in my old job. Two months out of the year, I go to Brooklyn, NY to live and work.  One of the best perks of this way of life is that, I get to choose the clients with whom I will work. Gone are the days of putting up with disrespectful people! Setting standards to choose the clients whose work I admire is possibly the greatest asset that I gained in the training from AssistU! I am forever grateful to the staff at AssistU and specifically, my mentor, Anastacia Brice for leading me to a much more fulfilling career and life!

Janet Zaborowski

Janet Z VA

Knowing I wanted to create my own business was the first step.  Learning how to create the business I wanted was the next great step. Choosing an organization that melded my spirit, attributes and authenticity with skills, tools, and a virtual business model that suited my style was empowering and life changing and worth every penny and every minute I invested. AssistU is widely known for its high standards and commitment to training the best virtual assistants in business today. Choosing the AssistU training was clearly the right decision for me. When I tell others I trained with AssistU, I say it with great pride.  As a C-level administrative professional for a large Fortune 500 company, it was a leap to leave that corporate box and become a business owner, and one that I am so glad I made.  It’s gratifying (and fun) to work with amazing professionals of my choosing on a schedule and in an environment I get to create.

AssistU has a gift for helping others see that they can create their lives the way they want. They can live excitedly, responsibly, dangerously and lovingly all at once.

Lynda Otte

LMO Solutions

In 2009, when my husband lost his job, I realized it was time for me to step up my stay-at-home-mom game and go back to work. The kids were older and in school full time and, truth be told, didn’t need my constant attention. I knew, however, that in the coming years the kids would continue to need me, maybe more than ever. I wanted to find a job that would give me the flexibility to run them to appointments and attend their games, but that also challenged me and used skills that had laid dormant for years.

When I found Assist U, I immediately knew that it was the program for me. Never one to do anything halfway, I wanted the very best training out there. I was determined to set myself apart from other Virtual Assistants who were making only a meager living.

The training was tough. It reminded me of being back in college, where I had received my journalism degree. Not only were there hard skills to learn, but the program taught me business management, how to be a successful entrepreneur and the importance of standing up for my core business beliefs and standards.

It was worth every penny.

I graduated in November of 2009 and am still working with my very first client. We’ve both grown over the years, and she is a valued member of my practice. In fact, my practice is full of clients I love because Assist U taught me how to identify the people I most enjoy working with and how to successfully bring them into my business.

Since 2009, I’ve worked to achieve the further designation of Assist U Certified Professional Virtual Assistant, a certification that not many hold. I decided to go through the rigorous extra examination (where I spent eight weeks proving I “had the goods”) because I knew that it would make me one of the best Virtual Assistants in the world. Assist U’s training is that good.

Despite the fact my official training ended nearly seven years ago, I continue to use the skills I was taught at Assist U in my practice daily. Whether interviewing a new client, working through a difficult situation for a current client or networking with other Assist U VAs, I rely on my past training. It is such a solid learning program that I have continued to take all of the graduate-level classes Assist U has offered since my graduation.

A quick internet search for Virtual Assistant training will give you thousands of results. Likewise, when a client searches for Virtual Assistants, he or she will get thousands of results. The only way to break through the noise is to set yourself apart. Assist U has done that by training its VAS not only on the online skills we need to get the job done but by training us to be successful business owners with a heart for what we do. We are business owners ourselves who are in this for the long haul, not simply fly by night admins who know how to format a document and are between jobs. Becoming an Assist U Virtual Assistant sets you apart; it means you are the cream of the crop and that you take your business just as seriously as your clients take theirs.


Tracie Shroyer

Launch Tech Made Easy

Enrolling in AssistU has been, without a doubt, one of the best investments I have made for myself and my career. Going through the AssistU training process has been a life-changing event for me; it has touched on nearly every aspect of my personal and professional life. VPM teaches you ALL you want and need to know about starting a business and working as a successful Virtual Assistant.

I have over 20+ years as an Executive Assistant in a corporate environment and thought I could just easily transition into the VA world. Let me assure you, after enrolling in the mentoring program; I quickly discovered that there was so much I didn’t know. Transitioning from a corporate environment into the virtual world requires that you take on an entirely different set of standards and new business practices.

The mentoring program and the curriculum is thoughtfully crafted so that every student follows a precise teaching methodology that ensures a solid foundation for being the best in the industry. This program is challenging, thorough, diverse, and thought-provoking. From the minute I started the program, I had a 1:1 mentor assigned to me that was always available for questions and feedback along with a weekly check-in. A bonus is that I also had monthly coaching calls with the Founder.

After completing the training and graduating, one of the biggest wins I have experienced was being accepted and warmly welcomed into the AssistU family. The AssistU group provides support, feedback, one on one discussions, group discussions, and recommendations from everything from great books to read to telemedicine insurance programs and everything in-between.

The AssistU Founder, Anastacia Brice, is 1000% committed and invested in the VPM and AssistU family. She selflessly gives of herself daily and consistently provides support and feedback to everyone. You most definitely will never feel alone after completing the program and will gain life-long friends. The standards and ethics you will receive from this program will put you in a class above any other VA program. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

Kathy Rogan


I had been working for top level executives in an exciting industry for quite a few years.  I was good at my job but I was getting older and being a single mother with a relatively young son, I felt very vulnerable to the whims of my working environment.  So I was starting to get pretty depressed, knowing that I wasn’t happy, feeling very unfulfilled and not knowing what I could do about it, or even what I wanted to be…and then I was involved in a major car accident.  While I was sitting in a doctor’s office, by the luck of the Gods I picked up a magazine and read an article about AssistU.  Bells literally went off in my head (and nothing related to the accident this time!).  The article clarified everything because it seemed there was a way to do what I do well and enjoy doing, on my own terms.

Oh boy, how can I begin to count the ways the program has helped me!  There is nothing like being your own boss in an arena where you feel confident and love what you do.  Yes, success or failure is all on you, but YES! that is it, it is all on you, no more being at the mercy of corporate shenanigans.

AssistU’s program has given me a deep and solid foundation on levels I couldn’t have imagined; both in business and personally.  It has brought me such a strength of belief in myself and what I do, and provides me an incredible support system on those days when I am feeling vulnerable (yep, that still occasionally happens).

I continue to use things I’ve learned every day in my practice including having high standards. It’s got to be that way in my book.  This is a tough world and being able to succeed in a program of this quality is what I needed to propel me into the future I was looking for, the life I’m living now.

Being an AssistU VA put me in control of my life and allows me to enjoy my life so much more.  By enabling me to organize the hours of the day the way I want them, I have also been given the opportunity to give back to my community, which in turn has led to me expanding my own knowledge and experience in ways that give me enormous personal satisfaction.

Gillian Zali

The Virtual Path

So often we don’t realize the impact something has on our lives until a situation arises that brings it fully to our attention.

In 2009 I went through the training at AssistU to become a Certified Virtual Assistant.  Over the past 7 years Anastacia’s teachings have brought so much to my life and my business, it’s hard to imagine my life before AssistU.  The endless Monday mornings of dreading the workday are so far in my past I hardly think of them anymore. Now my Mondays are filled with calmness because I love the work I do. I love the clients I work with, and I still have time to be here for my family when they need me.

As I mentioned above we sometimes take things for granted until a life situation bring it back to the forefront.  Since attending the AU training I had been relishing in how much I loved the work I was doing and how smoothly my business was running. Then in 2014 my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.  Before I knew it, my life was thrown into turmoil.  My mother moved in with us, and I was committed to taking her to doctor’s appointments and treatments 4 days a week. There were days when I wasn’t sure if I would be able to continue to run the business I had worked so hard to build.

If I had been in a traditional ‘job’ I would certainly have been fired.  From week to week my available time was so unpredictable and unreliable.  Thankfully I had been taught how to build a strong foundation and choose clients who were ideal for me.  Because of that, I had been working with clients who understood my situation and worked with me through what I can only describe as the most trying time of my life. It was then that I realized the foundational pieces Anastacia taught us about business had worked their way into every aspect of my life.  Without a strong sense of where I was headed in life (foundation), an understanding of what I was willing to bend on (standards), and amazing clients who stood behind me, the 11 months that followed would have broken me.

I can never fully express the gratitude I feel towards Anastacia, my clients and the AssistU community.  Without even knowing it, they helped me through the most trying time of my life.

Flash forward to today and I have a full practice (and yes I am still partnering with one of the clients who was so patient during my mother’s treatment).

Every day I continue to learn how to better myself, whether it be through another AU training, through the community or my original training materials.  If asked how to describe the value the AssistU Virtual Training has had on my life, I can only say ‘indescribably priceless’.

Thank you Anastacia!

Erin Wentworth

A Virtual Necessity

Before I began my training with AssistU in 2007, I held various administrative roles in the corporate world for approximately 20 years. I’d heard about Anastacia Brice right about the time she founded AssistU and was very interested in the new role of virtual assistant but it wasn’t the right time for me. Several years later I grew tired of the corporate grind and wanted to do something different. I looked up virtual assistant and found that Anastacia and AssistU were still going strong. I read through every page of the AssistU Web site and was hooked. I knew the Virtual Training Program (VTP) was for me. I didn’t look at any other programs.

The VTP was a big investment (approximately $2,500) and was worth every penny. I wouldn’t be where I am today without this amazing training. I jumped up and down and screamed for joy when I got accepted into the program and again when I passed the final. I have a four-year degree and didn’t feel like that about college. Being an AssistU VA was something I really wanted and was willing to work hard for.

Being a VA is so much better than trying to climb the corporate ladder. That said, I work harder than I ever did in my corporate life and that’s saying something because I definitely didn’t shirk my duties. I have met amazing people that I never would have had the opportunity to meet before—my clients, their customers, peers in networking groups, other VAs, wonderful vendors. It’s like this whole other world was out there just waiting for me to find it.

When people ask me about my AssistU training, I open my mouth but words don’t come out. How do you describe an experience that changed your life? Everything I learned as part of my training to build my VA business has had a positive impact on my personal life. There is no dividing line. Having strong standards, learning to address tolerations, treating people with kindness—these traits are just as important in my business as they are in my personal life. Having gone through the AssistU training and remaining an active part of the AssistU community have helped me continue to develop and grow in all facets of my life.

When I applied for the VTP I think the application was 20 pages long, I had to get three reference letters and there was a telephone interview. It was most definitely not for the faint of heart. But I was determined that this was the program for me. I think the difficulty of the application process was part of the allure. Not only did you have to work to get in, you had to have a certain background. The fact that not just anyone could mail in a check but had to qualify for the program meant something to me. And once you were in the program, there was 20 weeks of in-depth work ahead followed by an exam that took an entire weekend. Not everyone made it through.  (Please see reference to jumping and screaming above.)

One of the things that attracted me to the AssistU training was the support during the training plus the many resources available after the training. I really appreciate the private portal where we can ask questions, share information or just let our hair down. I subscribe to the Registry and have been very fortunate to connect with several clients this way. There are monthly calls where we can check in with one another. One of my favorite things is the annual AssistU Homecoming where we meet in person each fall. I can’t imagine life without AssistU!

Being a virtual assistant is amazing and has lead me down the most wonderful paths that I never even knew existed. I continue to learn and grow, both personally and professionally, which is extremely important to me. I’m so very proud to say that I’m an AssistU VA!

Pam Ryan

Virtual Ringmaster, LLC

When I enrolled, I believed that the program would give me the foundational elements that I needed to start my own VA practice. What I never expected was that I would get so much more. The holistic approach of AssistU touched me on so many levels, both intellectually and spiritually

Cheryl Wilder Krass

Alexemi Publishing

The training is very practical. Almost all that I learned to apply to my business, such as boundaries and standards, I also apply in my personal life. The training has given me clarity in a lot of areas. It simplified business set up and continuation.

Because of my AU training, I think a lot more about how things work. I look at systems, processes and the human connection a little differently now. I take these things in account on a deep level when I take on new work or make adjustments in my business. Before I didn’t have a path of thought to follow, and now I have so much content to reference.

It’s allowed me to have the life I have always wanted. Helping others, learning and travel are top priorities for me as I provide for myself, and I get to all of this and more! because of AssistU.

Having my business has been life changing! I decide who I want to work with, when I work, what type of work I do, and most importantly I can change all those things so it aligns with my own personal growth. No more be relegated to just doing what the boss says. In moments of “this entrepreneurial gig is tough,” I’ve considered looking for a job, but know I can never go back to that stifling environment.

Rebekah Quintana

Sidecar Solutions

I knew that by going through The Virtual Mentoring Program, I was going to have expert guidance as well as accountability to continue moving forward in creating my business. I also knew that I wasn’t going to be doing it alone! There is something greatly comforting knowing that you have someone in your boat who is helping you steer and row.

Having a mentor with me on my journey was instrumental in me completing the program. I knew that if I didn’t have that accountability this program, like so many I have purchased before, would be left sitting on a shelf somewhere gathering dust.

When I finished my training I had created a business from scratch with a business plan and the know-how to find clients.

I am constantly amazed at how much the training I’ve received at AssistU has spilled over into other areas of my life. Whether it’s offering a friend advice or giving another small business startup (including my clients) tips on how they should set up their businesses. It has even helped with personal areas of my life as well!

I love that there are high standards for people who get to enroll and who graduate. AssistU’s credibility within the VA community and with clients who have worked with graduates was one of the reasons I found AssistU so appealing.

Every day I get up and am excited to get started! I get to help clients that I love do what they love and there is a huge sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. I am constantly learning new things, I have been able to incorporate my strengths into my business and I get to run my business my way.

Becoming a VA is allowing me to grow as a person and to shape my career future in a way that I never thought would be possible. The flexibility I’ve gained in this position to have a career and still be involved with my family is priceless. I am thankful every day that I get to do what I love and love what I do!

Mindy Bowman

Mindy Bowman VA

I have been working virtually since 1996 when my first son was born. I knew I wanted to be a ‘stay at home’ mom, but I’d had a very rewarding career and had a lot to offer to the business world. I lucked into some jobs that allowed me to balance my life as a mom with a continued career as a copywriter and project manager from my home office. However, by 2009, the economy was shifting and the businesses I’d been working with and the way I found those clients was shifting as well. I had to take more control over my work, which meant I needed a business not a job.

Around this same time, I met an AssistU graduate who told me about Virtual Assistance and the AssistU training program. I didn’t even know that what I was doing was called Virtual Assistance, nor that I could be a VA with multiple clients. (I had always worked with my employers / clients – 1:1.). AssistU was the perfect choice for me. It gave me the tools to shape my business, from business and financial planning to needed skill development to market to my new niche. I learned to set boundaries with clients; I developed a structured process to talk with potential clients and bring them into my business.

As importantly, AssistU provided me with a whole community of resources and support. Working from home can be isolating; AssistU overcomes that issue by providing a community of like individuals who have unique talents, but all adhere to a very high set of standards that sets us apart from other Virtual Assistants. I also found my subscription to the client Registry very important resource after graduation in helping me develop and maintain a client base with ease.

Since I started my Virtual Assistance business, the industry has exploded but not always in a positive way. There are many people out there calling themselves Virtual Assistants – many from other parts of the world – who work for far less money than I charge. They have downgraded many entrepreneurs’ views of Virtual Assistance because they are not dependable, nor is their work of very high quality. (This is a huge generalization; there are exceptions.) As the saying goes “You get what you pay for,” and I believe AssistU VAs are completely worth their rates!

AssistU continues to be a guiding star in my business as a Virtual Assistant. I am grateful to this organization for so many things: training, community, resources, etc. ‘Learning’ to be a Virtual Assistant is a constant educational quest. You don’t just complete the VA training program and ‘ta da’ you’re a VA. The profession evolves – needed skills to serve our clients well must also evolve. AssistU and our VAs are valuable resources to my business every day. I’ve made and received referrals to/from other VA’s, I’ve learned about new tools or training programs through AssistU, I’ve made friends, shared challenges and successes and, most importantly, feel part of a bigger organization even though I’m a solo-preneur. I started this journey close to 10 years ago and know that as long as I have a VA business, I’ll be involved with AssistU.

Lynne Leslie

Virtually Lynne

I spent 26 years at the University of Pittsburgh, working my way up from a junior secretary to the Executive Assistant to the Chancellor.  My last position was the Director of Men’s Basketball Operations.  I lost my job due to a change in management and after spending that many years at one company, it was hard to explain to other employers why I wasn’t working there.  I couldn’t get a job.

When I found out about AssistU, I knew it was right for me – I was all in 100%  from day one.

I did the program in 1999 and graduated in 2000. Obviously, I knew how to be an executive assistant but didn’t know how to run a business.  The program gave me that, along with the ability to talk about myself and build self-confidence and self-assurance.  And also a support system that is unbelievable.

I have some clients that have been with me for over 10 years.  The relationships that I have developed and maintained through the past 20+ years are remarkable.  Every day is different and I like having control of what I do.  I like being a “partner” whose views are valued.

My life has changed for the better.  My VA practice has given me the ability to do what I like to do, what I do best, and for people who value my expertise.  

I would recommend and do recommend AssistU to anyone who is serious about running a first-class VA practice.  The program is terrific, the company behind it first-rate, and the relationships a person will develop within the community are unimaginable.   Having some ups and downs in my life, I truly do not know where I would be if not for AssistU, and my VA buddies.   I get very sentimental about AssistU as I am one of the old gals, but I cannot imagine my life without AssistU!!!!

Maria Novey

Elite Virtual Assistance

The AssistU program is heaven-sent. At a time when I was looking for a serious change I found AssistU. I watched, waited and then finally jumped. I was scared and nervous and super excited too! It was a change that would allow me the courage to be independent and self-sufficient. If I hadn’t jumped, I wouldn’t know that I was capable of owing my own strong and stable business. If AssistU wouldn’t have been there to encourage the jump, I wouldn’t have near the solid foundation nor the outstanding and genuine support I need and so love, which is icing on the cake.

I was completely blown away at the weight and profundity of the training program. From foundational guidance to marketing education to ideal client value, it was beyond what I expected and exactly what I needed to confidently build my VA business. The topics covered, exercises given, and homework assigned all line up with things that I use in my practice every day.

The autonomy I have now is unrivaled; I can work any time and any place of my choosing and that I could not do in the job I had before. I also have more time for my family and for self-care, whereas before self-care especially was an afterthought to everything else. I have also learned so much more about myself, what I’m capable of and what I can accomplish because of the things I’ve learned at AssistU.

Cindy Henexson

WayMaker Virtual Assistant, LLC

I began training with AssistU back in 1998, opened my virtual assistance business in March of 1999, and within 6 months I was able to quit my job. I’ve had a successful VA business that has supported me comfortably ever since.

The training I received was thorough and demanding, and that is one reason I consistently recommend AssistU VAs – I know they have the training necessary to be an effective, efficient and knowledgeable VA. When I graduated, I was well-prepared to do the work my clients required, and had a talented, diverse and knowledgeable community to turn to when I needed information, recommendations, or just a bit of moral support.

The other reason I recommend AssistU VAs is because Anastacia’s ethics and standards of business were made clear to me from the start and were very much in line with my own beliefs in this area.  Her insistence on setting standards for your business and sticking to them, and the way she models that, has helped me set appropriate standards for my own business.

I can highly recommend AssistU for anyone who wants to start a VA business on a solid foundation that will stand them in good stead for many years to come.

Diotima Booraem

Virtual Executive Assistance

I was working in a support role in a corporate job and was ready for a change. I was looking for a way I could do what I love in a manner that allowed me to realize my full potential and meet my family’s needs. I found AssistU online, and the idea of providing support to small business owners in a virtual capacity hit me like a lightening bolt.

Someone in the world was telling me I could have what I always dreamed of. I could work for myself on my terms and still do what I love. AND real people were getting certified at AssistU and really doing this! I was very attracted to Anastacia’s honesty and heart-based business model. I trusted her and AssistU from the moment I first visited the website. Though, I initially wondered if it was too good to be true, I soon learned it wasn’t. It wasn’t a façade. It didn’t turn out to be something totally different than expected. AssistU gave me everything they promised including their faith and support and MUCH MORE.

I would learn how to run a virtual business from my home, do the work I love on my terms, set my rates and earn the income level I desired, and join a heart-based, amazing community of women who offer a level of love and support I’ve never experienced anywhere else ever.

I love AssistU’s high standards and expectations for their candidates and community members. Those standards are the reason clients can trust that they are going to be working with the very best VA’s in the industry when they come to AssistU. They are also the reason why our community is so loving, strong and supportive. Our core values are aligned.

I went through the 1:1 mentoring program, which was a powerful experience that I’ll never regret. I wouldn’t have done it any other way. I appreciated having ample time to work with my trainer closely on my goals. We would discuss our weekly lessons, ask each other questions and she’d coach me through my challenge areas. We developed a great professional relationship and friendship and working with her changed my life. She prepared me well for my final exam. I felt confident and relaxes and passed with a 93% (despite the fact that I was super sick that weekend).

Since I graduated in 2011, I’ve had a full practice of business owners I love working with. Almost all of them came from the AssistU Registry! AU is a diamond and truly is the backbone of my business. I will be forever grateful.

Nicole Denison

Ms Incredible VA

I can’t speak highly enough of the AssistU Mentoring program!  Before I enrolled in Fall 2013, I did a lot of research, which led to a lot of questions.  Of course, I wanted to make sure I was going to get my money’s worth…and I believe I did :-)  Anastacia answered my myriad of questions with patience, grace, and understanding which gave me an glimpse of the standards she would expect from and AssistU-trained Virtual Assistant.  She provided me with contacts to get references from, and every one of them replied to my other myriad of questions.  They made me feel at ease with them, and showed me how graduates from AssistU become a community that supports one another and lifts each other up.  This had such an impact on me – it felt nurturing, supportive, and like a family.

Because of these wonderful ladies, I signed up for the mentoring program – because I felt like if I had this many questions going in, I couldn’t imagine the number of questions I would have actually taking the course!

I’ll admit, I was a bit intimidated when Anastacia announced she would be my mentor…but she soon put me at ease and let me know that she was there to help me every step of the way.  Throughout the course, she was always willing to answer my questions, provide valuable feedback, and give guidance to get me off to the best start I could possibly have as a business owner.  The Facebook Group was amazing – there were a few of us that went through together, and we created a bond only people going through the course could understand ;-)  We were all supportive of our journey together, and the mentors in the group were always there to pop in with encouragement as well!  We still keep in touch with each other to this day, and it’s fun to see how they and their businesses have grown as well :-)

After graduating and joining the AssistU Community myself, I joined my local chapter to get involved with other VAs in my area.  This has been the best part of my experience so far!  Getting to know these other ladies on a personal level, learning from their experience, having them to ask for advice when I need it or bounce ideas off them for some feedback has been invaluable!  I feel so close to them, even though we are not in the same state!

The standards that Anastacia sets for the graduates of the program are wonderful, because it means when someone wants to work with you, they expect a wonderful quality in your services, and they will pay the rates for it.  Our time as Virtual Assistants is valuable, and we put a lot into our continuing education and knowledge to provide the best services and value to our clients that we can.

Overall, I can’t recommend this program enough – and I have never regretted doing it for one minute!

Julie Davis

Julie J. Davis, Virtual Assistant

The Assist program is not for everybody, and it’s not a magic pill. But if you are serious about running a VA business, this program will help you so much. AssistU is very selective, and serious about their program, which I appreciate. You’ll see that when you talk to any AssistU graduates. :)

Whenever somebody asks me about starting a VA business, I tell them to look into AssistU. The program is simply brilliant. “Changing Work, Changing Lives” is exactly what AssistU does.

Without the program, I don’t think I would’ve been able to start and run my VA business. Even today, the mindset AssistU taught me years ago is helping me every day. My practice has been full for quite a while now, which is allowing me to be the breadwinner of the family while my husband takes care of our sons. It’s working so well for us

Mika Howard

MTH Virtual Assistance

Prior to discovering the profession of virtual assistance, I was working with a career counselor to discover the next step for me. Part of the process was to explore my strengths, experience, values, and dreams for my future. Virtual assistance kept floating to the top with the closest match.

I took a job with an agency to explore the work. Oh my gosh it was awful on so many levels!

I knew being my own business was the way to go and began finding my own clients. I also researched training programs and AssistU stood out above anything I found. The high standards and stability of AssistU are what attracted me. I wanted to be able to say I graduated from an established training program that required we put in the work and learn the skills we needed to graduate. After graduating, I raised my rates and all my clients stayed with me! I feel that this is in part due to successfully doing the work and graduating from AssistU. The investment has paid off by doubling my income, strengthening my confidence, and giving me pride in the work I’ve chosen.

The 1:1 mentoring was a great fit for me. It provided me with an accountability partner that kept me on track. I checked in weekly to report on my progress and ask my questions. My mentor is a successful virtual assistant who shared her experience and knowledge during the program. The training taught me what a strong VA business foundation is and through the assignments helped me to establish my own foundation from which my business is growing.

I’m excited for the potential of the life I am creating by having the flexibility to make my own hours, decide which clients to work with and make enough money to make it all a reality.

Cathy Ritter

Cathy Ritter, VA

I was a stay at home mom that did a lot of volunteer work for my church and kids school and I was looking for something I could do from home that wouldn’t take away from being a wife and mother. An AssistU VA told me about the training. I read all the material on the website and called her back with only two questions, “Will this take away time from my family?” and “Can I really make money doing this?”

Within the first 6 months of being in my practice I recouped my initial investment. Six years later, I make 6 figures in my practice. I have a great foundation and standards that guide my business and I have wonderful clients. Having my practice is the best of both worlds. I get to make money from home and still have a life. I can run errands in the middle of the day. Take time for my family or whatever I want to do. It’s great building your business around your life.

AssistU gave me a strong foundation for my business. So many business owners I meet don’t have that. It makes me sad. Going through the VMP was truly like getting another college degree. It made me think about what I wanted and how to get it. I grew as a person in so many areas. There are high standards to get into the training, but I think it’s good. It means something to other AssistU VAs and the world, that you have that AssistU badge.

AssistU is by far the best training for VAs. Sure anyone can hang a shingle and call themselves a VA, but they won’t last if they don’t have a foundation and proper training. They will end up closing shop and going back to a job. I’ve seen it time and time again. My abilities have grown so far beyond what I would have ever imagined. Who knew I could grasp such stuff? I’ve also become a better business person and wife and mother. I needed to cut the apron strings and having a business really force me to make my kids step up the plate!

Monique Cunningham

Monique Cunningham Team

I’ve been working as an administrative assistant for over 25 years. In 2008 I’d been telecommuting for a few years and found that as we got more efficient, my hours started decreasing. So I thought “why can’t I do this for others?” I started researching virtual assistance and found AssistU, but at the time was not able to make the financial or time commitment to do the program. But as time went on, I became bored with my job and the hours continued to decrease. I started reading books about how to start your own VA business and looked at various training programs, but none felt right. In early 2012 I looked at AssistU again and found that the program had changed and was more affordable. I decided to apply for the Virtual Mentoring Program because I knew I needed the help and accountability of a mentor.

The training has been invaluable! It taught me how to build my business with a strong foundation. I still refer back to my training manual when I am uncertain about how to handle something. My mentor was fantastic! She provided helpful feedback and was so warm and supportive. She also kept me grounded but letting me know what was a dream and what was realistic, especially when doing my business plan. And since I did the VMP, after I passed the exam I was able to join the AssistU Community.

It’s taken me several years to build my practice because I decided to keep my job and work part-time, since my boss was actively trying to find a purchaser for his firm. He sold his business earlier this year and the new firm did not want a telecommuter or a VA, so I’m now totally on my own. It is a great feeling! I have several clients and am currently interviewing another—using the process I learned in the program. As a member of the AssistU Community, I have the support of other VA’s who have been through similar experiences. They are available with help and suggestions, just as my mentor was when I did the training. I think I would have given up if I had not had this group of warm, caring, supportive individuals.

I also have the support of Anastacia Brice as my business coach. AssistU is a warm, supportive and knowledgeable community because Anastacia had built it to be that way. She has been in the business for many years and built the program to be top-notch. It is well worth the time and money that I spent and am thankful that I found it.

Patricia Gundling

Patricia j. Gundling, Virtual Assistant

When I discovered AssistU in 2002, I knew I’d found exactly what I needed to successfully launch my own business – solid teaching, generous support, and a phenomenal community of likeminded people who share generously of their skills and expertise. Learning why and how to set my standards appropriately has been foundational to my ongoing success. Fully processing and absorbing the  law of attraction and theory of abundance, which on the surface appeared “new-agey” but which are actually very in line with my Christian belief of God’s provision, was pure gold.

Alicia Moore

Morada Associates

“It’s possible to climb to the top without stomping on other people.”
– Taylor Swift