Coaching for VAs

Hi, there, and welcome!

In case you’re new to AssistU or to me, I’m Anastacia Brice, founder of AssistU. 

I’ve been a coach since 1996 when I was a student at one of the premier coach training organizations, Coach U. Since then, I’ve trained more than 1,000 people to have awesome Virtual Assistance businesses, and I’ve coached hundreds and hundreds of women to live their truths and build stronger foundations for their lives and their work; supporting them as they’ve reached goal after goal after goal.

They work with me, not because they’re lacking in some way, or broken, but because they know how smart it is to have the wise counsel of someone who’ll help them enhance their businesses and lives. For them, I am that wise counsel. Perhaps I could be that wise counsel for you, too.

Regardless of how you engage me, my coaching is committed, deep, and connected. You talk. I listen. We work things out. You take action. Your life changes. I don’t do coaching programs because who you are is intrinsically different from everyone else, and so are your coaching needs. I don’t do groups, because although I see the value in the group dynamic, I find one-on-one coaching far more powerful for everyone–myself included.

I offer coaching in a variety of formats. For more information, please choose one to explore it more in depth. And be sure to read more about me, too. It will help you get an idea about whether I’d be an appropriate person to trust with your life and work.

There are three ways to get my support:

Private Coaching

You and me, one-on-one, doing a deep dive into what matters most to help you have the life and business you really want.


On-the-Spot Coaching

When things go a little bit sideways or you just need an objective opinion, sometimes one call is all it takes to make things straight again. 



Pick My Brain

Ask a question, get a quick, but thorough answer; just $25 Or choose the free option and see my answer in a blog post.


“You can’t be that kid at the top of
the waterslide, overthinking it.
You have to go down the chute”
– Tina Fey