On-the-Spot Coaching


AssistU Founder, Anastacia Brice

If there’s something going on in your life, or business that you’d like support with, but you don’t think you want to or need an on-going coaching relationship, consider doing some just-in-time, on-the-spot coaching with me.

Whether you’re a virtual assistant or considering becoming one, I’m available to help with all kinds of things. I’ve helped with the following very recently—are any of them similar to what you’re experiencing?

  • Is there a challenge you need help with?
  • Are you at a crossroad and tempted to sit down and not move because you can’t choose a direction?
  • Do you have an opportunity and want to know the best way to take advantage of it?
  • Might you need a little help with your mojo or moxie?
  • Did you read something in my blog and know it’s something you need to get addressed for the well-being of your business or life?
  • Are you feeling like you’re living a life you never wanted but don’t know how to reclaim a life that would bring you happiness?
  • Can you not find the right words to handle a sticky situation?
  • Are you stuck around an operational issue in your business that has you stuck?
  • Are you tired of sacrificing and/or feeling guilty?
  • Are you concerned that your infrastructure might not support your next grand idea?
  • Is drama sucking your life out of you?
  • Do you need to be fully seen and heard?
  • Do you need someone to instantly mirror you back to yourself when you don’t have the bandwidth to see things clearly?
  • Are you struggling in your relationship with your client and needing support with what to do about it?
  • Are you wondering if you moved too quickly and got into a relationship that doesn’t serve you?
  • Are you wondering how to ever be able to afford to leave your job and have a business of your own?

I’m the one to help with that and ever so much more; if what you need isn’t on that list, I can probably still help; coaching for 20 years plus being an expert in business foundation and virtual work makes it a pretty good bet!

Here’s How it Works:

You decide how much time you want with me (30 or 60 minutes), schedule a call (via the appropriate, big green button, below) and let me know what we’re going to tackle (so I can be up to speed once we’re on the phone, and we can quickly get down to business), and then we’ll go for it. You’ll pay me after our session (more info below!)

The Fee for On-The-Spot Coaching:

I love VAs. So much so that one of the ways I feel great about supporting them is by working in exchange for “love offerings,” which means I leave it to you to decide what to pay me based on an appropriately generous amount that you can afford, and the value I provide to you. Honest. Clean. Perfect. And in case you, like so many, feel a bit like a deer in the headlights considering this, by the time we’re off the phone, you’ll be comfortable paying me this way. I promise.

Now, having said that, if it helps to have a guide, on average, people offer me $75 per 15 minutes with me. I’ve also received as much as $500 for that same amount of time. Others are able to pay the amount I feel is a modest-yet-fair fee. You can read more about how this works, here.

You can pay via PayPal after our call. And if you care to offer me something else (like tomatoes), I’ll happily tell you where to send them.

Bottom line? Don’t struggle. Don’t worry about the money. Just reach out to me and get the help you need.

“Have the moxie to get the support you need.
Your life and work will thank you”
– Anastacia Brice