Hand holding a sticky note on which it's written, "Don't sell yourself short. If anything, sell yourself tall, and alter later." - Ted Lasso


You know how you’re sitting there watching TV and something is said that makes you sit straight upright? Yeah.. this was it for me watching an episode of Ted Lasso (it’s in the episode called 4-5-1 in season three, in case you’re curious!).  It landed so strongly for me that I grabbed paper and wrote it down. Now, it’s taped to my monitor where I can see it every day.

Now, I don’t think we should inappropriately sell ourselves tall, but I think women especially have a bad habit of selling ourselves short on the regular. And the sad thing is that by doing that, we miss a lot of goodness that the world holds for us—in relationships, in work, in getting what we need and want, etc.

Let’s make a deal to start selling ourselves as tall as we can, truthfully and authentically, every day, and in every way we can. If we need to do a bit of alterations, we will, but maybe we won’t need to.

Sound good?

I think life is literally too short (see what I did there?) to do anything less.