In a conversation with a friend, one of the things that we discussed was Abundance. He asked me what it meant to me, and I said that it’s the belief that there’s more than enough of everything, for everyone. He scoffed, “But that’s simply not true—there’s not more than enough of everything for everyone!”

I countered that there is, and back and forth we went. In his oh-so logical way, he made good points, and I ultimately had to admit that some things simply are finite in their availability, depending on how you interpret that (for instance, you cannot find an abundance of this specific car I love, but you can find another car of some sort because cars are abundantly available). So I had to think about how explain, better, my belief in Abundance. Here’s what I came up with:

When you trust that all that you need is available to you, you can generously share what you have because you trust that all you need is available to you.

While there are certainly finite resources, and not everything in the world is available in abundant amounts, the premise of Abundance is really one in which a person’s core belief is that there will always be more than enough of whatever she or he needs, and so there’s no need to hoard, and there can be a sharing of “stuff” (whatever a person has), freely and openly with others. Being abundance-minded means one doesn’t have to ever go into a fear-based way of being, or into “scarcity” mode, because there will always be more available.

I don’t think I dented my friend’s skepticism, but I wanted to share this with you, because (you can take this to the bank!) what you believe about this will impact your business.