You’ve been there. Maybe you’re there right this second. You know—the place where:

  • Your clients need everything. Today.
  • Your best friend just left her husband and wants to bitch about what a jerk he is.
  • The dog won’t stop barking, but you can’t see what she’s barking about.
  • The baby is with your mother, but your mother has a headache and wants to bring the baby home.
  • Outlook won’t save new appointments for some reason, and even repeated reboots aren’t solving the issue.
  • Your husband just called to say that something urgent has happened at work, he’ll be late, as a result, he won’t be able to take your son out for “boys night” and asks you to deal with it.
  • You feel pulled at from every direction. Setting a high standard, what should you do, every time—no exceptions?

What To Do When Everyone Wants a Piece of You

When you do what’s best for you, you always do what’s best for everyone else, too. This doesn’t mean to go crawl into bed, pull the covers over your head and pretend nothing is going on. But it does mean that you need to figure out what YOU need, and go for that, first. Once you do, you’ll be much more centered, balanced, and able to handle whatever else needs to be handled. The world really can wait a while for you. :)