How do you stand out in the crowd of VAs and find truly ideal clients? Today we’re discussing your “competitive” advantage, and why it’s so important when building your practice.

Chief Takeways

  • Know who you are, what makes you really YOU. And always let your freak flag fly!
  • Rest easy in it. Make your life and work speak from the core of you. Use that core and your freak flag to qualify and disqualify clients. The only clients you should accept are those who have rigorously shown you they deserve spots in your practice. And your freak flag is one thing that helps identify those who do.
  • Be willing to be unpopular. Your advantage… your freak flag, won’t be appreciated by everyone, but you can’t work with everyone anyway, so who cares about the people who don’t appreciate you?
  • And the bonus tip that came at the beginning: Consider staying away from people who value cost-savings most highly; they will never, ever really be ideal clients for you.

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