Clients are not always right (1)

This thinking, that the client is always right, is certainly the pervasive thinking in many businesses. If you believe your clients are always right, think again.

When that thinking is in place, it puts all the power in the hands of the person holding the money (in this case, your client). When you give that away, or believe it’s been taken from you, you’re a victim. Don’t play that, ever. It’s not necessary.

If your goal is to establish relationships with your clients where you are an equal in those relationships, you cannot buy into the idea that the clients are always right; it’s simply not true. Nor is the idea that you have to do whatever the clients says, when the clients say, and how the clients tell you to.

It’s         all           absolute          rubbish.

As an equal in the relationship, you have every bit as much opportunity, and more importantly, responsibility to say how things work between you.

The thing you do need to remember is that while the client isn’t always right, the client is always the client. Unhappy, the client is likely to leave the relationship. But better that, than that you accept responsibility for something you didn’t do, take blame (which has no place at all in these relationships), step over your standards to people please or keep the peace, or suck down your feelings and end up resentful. If a client doesn’t value the way you work and your standards, don’t wait for the client to leave the relationship, take the initiative and show him your virtual door.