In a recent conversation, I was sharing some of the lessons I learned while building AssistU that are helpful to me still today. There are two, specifically, that I want to share with you, and I’ll share one this week, and one next week (so as to let them really sink in). Here’s the first:

Play to the Strong

You know who you are. You know what your business is all about. You know who’s ideal for you and who isn’t. And you know what you want for yourself.

There will always be people you meet/get to know who aren’t right for you, want to give you input that you know isn’t right for you, and who generally don’t get you or your business.

Be gracious to them, get away from them as soon as you can, and forget about ’em, immediately. What they have to say isn’t meant for you.

Instead, keep your focus on what you want and WHO you want, instead. By playing to the strong, and not the weak, eventually you’ll attract more of what/who is desires, and less of the people who are actually just a waste of your time and energy.