Nicole Paull

“It really is possible to create a business that’s profitable in every sense of the word.”

What I Do at AssistU

I manage the libraries of information we store and share at AssistU.

My Bio

In my working life, I’ve been everything from a horseback riding instructor to a liaison between network engineers and clients (making tech-speak easy to understand). I’ve been a VA since 2007, although I didn’t graduate from AssistU’s Virtual Training Program (the precursor to the Virtual Mentoring Program) until 2008.

A lifelong resident of New England, I can’t stop myself from bemoaning severe winters, but I love the topography of the land here, including the stitch-work of old stone walls, right down to the marrow of my bones. I have a burning desire to avoid big cities(blech!) and am happiest and most peaceful far, far away from the madding crowd. :)

You can learn more about my business, here:

Quirky Things About Me

  • I think it’s fun to read the dictionary
  • I tend to take a long time to decide to do something, but once the decision’s made, I dive in—I don’t wait.
  • I like my life to have a combination of structure and flexibility
  • I can’t imagine life without animals and gardens..
  • If I had unlimited resources, I would buy land – lots and lots of land.There’s really nothing I’d rather spend money on.

What I Love Most About AssistU

I love the vision it brings to life, that a woman can create a work life that supports her whole life as she wants to live it.