One of my coaching clients said that she’d been approached by a prospective client who, in discussing his needs, said he wanted to only pay her for successful outcomes based on the work she did, rather than simply paying her for her work. She asked what I thought of that idea, and I’m pretty sure that on my side of the conversation, I snorted in disdain.

Why? Well, at the most basic level, a Virtual Assistant doesn’t allow anyone to dictate to her how her business is run–including how she charges for her services.You knew that one, right?

Here’s another reason that’s equally important.

Outcomes are the client's responsibility, not the VA's.
While we know that Virtual Assistants are capable of many things, the direction of a client’s business, and guiding the activities pertaining to that direction are the responsibility of the client. Therefore the outcomes of those activities are the responsibility of the client, as well.

To try to make them the responsibility of the VA, tying her fee to something she has no responsibility for or authority over is patently unfair, and a pretty douchey move on every level I can think of.

Clients, don’t try it. VAs, don’t agree to it. It is a lose/lose situation on so many levels.