Moxie starts with strength—internally and quietly. Without that inner quality, strong action is just bravado with no real underpinning.

I had the most interesting conversation with a new mentee at AssistU. Her POV on moxie had it dealing with action. Strong action—ballsy action.

I shared with her that while it’s often true that moxie deals with action, moxie starts with strength…internally, deeply and quietly. Without that, strong action is just bravado with no real underpinning, and, in my view, not genuine moxie. You have to know who you are and be comfortable with that before you can engage in moxie. And once you have that, moxie can happen oh-so quietly.

Moxie doesn’t have to be loud or gruff. There can be moxie in a whisper (remember that commercial about getting someone’s attention with a whisper? :)).

Try an experiment, if you’re willing. This week, practice moxie softly and quietly (if you can). If you don’t seem able to, focus on fortifying yourself, on strengthening your inner core/wise self. As you grow in that, you’ll grow in your ability to use moxie to your advantage.

And if you do the experiment, I’d love to hear what you experience. Leave a comment; it’ll make my day! :)