Mindy Bowman

“It’s really very simple. SAY what you do and then DO what you say! People will appreciate your honesty and your integrity.”

What I Do at AssistU

I’m a translator. I basically take the ideas and pictures people at AssistU have in their heads and I translate them into wildly pretty things they can use in all areas of their lives: print, social media, websites and sometimes they’re even displayed as art on a wall.

My Bio

When I think back on every job I’ve ever had, I realize it’s prepared me for where I am today. From my very first job preparing tacos at Zantigo where I first learned about customer service to my most recent position with a large aerospace manufacturer where I experienced working with million dollar projects and even larger customers, my knowledge has grown and my skills have been honed.

Even experience I’ve gained as a volunteer has expanded my abilities. It never ceases to amaze me how much you can learn when you’re working to help others. Want to do something really fun and cool? Then be a volunteer. It’s like this magic door to the land of opportunity opens when you tell someone you’re willing to work for free.

Being a VA has been a hugely rewarding experience. I knew without a doubt that when I graduated from AssistU in January 2015 and started my business as a full-time VA in March 2015 I was making one of the best decisions in my career and my life.

You can learn more about my business, here: www.mindybowman.com

Quirky Things About Me

  • There are some foods that I won’t eat because their texture grosses me out.
  • I learned to play the electric bass after my husband said chick bass players were hot.
  • I have a tiara on my desk that I sometimes wear when I want to feel like a princess.
  • I grew up thinking peanut butter was yucky! Now one of my favorite snacks is putting it on apples.

What I Love Most About AssistU

I love that AssistU gives VAs the foundation they need to start and run their businesses the right way. This community is as unique as all of its members and gives us all a platform where we can be heard over the din of the “ordinary” found in other communities. I also love that when clients see that a VA is an AssistU VA, they know can rest assured they will be getting a professional and dedicated assistant who is ready to help in any way possible, committed to excellence, and continuously looking for ways to improve her knowledge or skills.