If you decide to change your membership, please hold on to this URL, but before purchasing anything, PM HQ in the portal for directions on how to make the transition happen flawlessly–we don’t want you to miss anything or accidentally have your membership interrupted.

Just be sure to be in touch with us about wanting to change at least seven business days before your membership renewal date so that we all have ample time to make the changes happen.

Essential VAUltimate VA
Access to our private online community space
The partner discounts (our partners often offer UVA members deeper discounts)
The community calls (Town Meeting, If I Only Had an Hour Game, SIGS, etc.)
Invitation to Homecoming and the Community Recognition Awards
The ability to sit for certification/recertification
Access to continuing ed classes
Access to subscribe to the Registry
Inclusion in the Alumni Verification System
Subscription to our weekly Community Brief newsletter
Your VA Spotlight rotated on the AssistU site
A drama-free community of professionals
A company that stands up publicly and endorses you as one of the best in the industry
Book club (2x/year)
Live monthly UVA private community call(a networking call with fellow UVA members -- to increase/improve relationships, learn who has interests and abilities that might make good referral or JV partners, etc)
Discount on the yearly Registry fee ($50)
Priority advanced notice/registration for new continuing ed classes, retreats, and workshops
Discount on new continuing ed classes (10%)
Discount on CRA luncheon at Homecoming (10%)
Participation in the Interview with a VA series
Ultimate VA Membership icon for your site
Private UVA member groups in our community space
15 minute call with Anastacia where you can share with her about your practice, ideal client, work you do, what you want for yourself, etc., so that she can keep you top of mind during her Registry Gold process (for Registry subscribing UVAs only)
Your VA Spotlight placed in rotation with the spotlights of other UVA members and shared in our social media streams (think exposure!)
Essential VAUltimate VA