Kathy came to me to ask me to review her business in the hopes that I would tell her where I think she fits in the overall landscape of virtual assistants. She told me that if I thought she was one of the best, it would absolutely do wonders for her business, proving she was great and helping her compete for clients.

I took a deep breath and shared that in my view, the fact that she wants someone to tell her she’s one of the best means that she doesn’t believe she is. And if she doesn’t believe she is, then she’s simply not. I also shared that she has no real competition, as no one can do what she does the way she does it. And I talked about the fact that if she felt competitive, the only person she needed to try to “best” was herself as that would keep her growing.

When you know, you'll know. And that will be that.

She asked again for me to tell her what I thought of her. But instead of reviewing her business, I encouraged her to take some time to look at herself and her business. “Proof,” I said, “comes from within. It comes from having high standards and integrity. It’s proven in everything you do–or don’t do. It’s a recognition of what is—before it’s ever bestowed on you from someone else.”

I could hear her breathing on the phone, but she didn’t say anything at all, so I continued. “If you aren’t one of the best, then spend time developing yourself and your practice, with a focus on your own development, first; when you reach the level of ‘best,’ you won’t have to ask if you’re there—you’ll just know it. And once you do, no one will ever be able to take that away from you–any more than anyone will ever be able to give it to you.”

Now, my friends, let me ask you—how do you know that you’re the best?