How can you be sure that it’s time to let a client go, time to change your business model, time to go for training or certification, or time for… well, anything, really? When do you really know that you’re ready?

You never do.

Even when there’s a problem that seems irresolvable and you feel pushed to do something different, you never can be sure you’ve worked at things hard enough, or looked for enough solutions, or even completely addressed things together (if another person’s involved). And when there’s not a problem, but maybe you feel you’re growing in another direction and there are choices to be made, it can be harder, still, to make a decision.

How Do You Know When It's Time-

I can tell you that if you think the time might be appropriate, there’s probably no more appropriate time. Pay attention to the inklings you get (you always get them), and don’t be afraid to act on them. The more you act on them, the more you’ll notice that things work out for the best, always. Things only tend to turn sideways when you ignore the inklings and stay stuck where you were to begin with.

Be fearless…leap!