Heather Hinson

“I love supporting Anastacia and the AssistU VAs as they experience the fun, hard work, and joy that a new business brings!”

What I Do at AssistU

I’m Anastacia’s VA. We only half-jokingly call me the Expert Wish Granter and Tiara Guardian.

My Bio

I started my journey to Virtual Assistance as a restaurant manager and later, as a systems engineer for a restaurant software company. I did not have any formal experience in administrative work, but was always drawn to work that let me help people most. As a manager, it was for customers and staff, as a systems engineer, it was to help new restaurateurs realize their dreams.

I loved doing this, but another change came into my life in 2005, in the form of a baby boy (who is now in college!). It was impractical for me to continue a job that required travel and late nights, and to be honest, it was not something I wanted to do. I began to search for a solution. I started looking for a way to use my administrative and customer service skills, and while searching the internet one day, I discovered Virtual Assistance and AssistU.

I feel so lucky to work for myself, doing what I love, and helping other people realize their dreams. I set my own hours, have fabulous clients, and get to spend time with my family, including my son when he’s home. At AssistU, I’ve had the honor of training new VAs, and in 2024, I moved into the role of Anastacia’s VA, where I get to help her do all the things she does for the AssistU VAs and the folks who want to work with them. 

You can learn more about my business, here: www.heatherhinson.com

Quirky Things About Me

  • My office color is Lavender Heather.
  • I LOVE puzzles. Crossword, logic, jigsaw, Sudoku—I’ve never met a puzzle I didn’t love!
  • Baking makes me happy. Not so much so that I would want to do it full-time, but in occasional doses, I like being able to make something delicious.
  • I use way too many exclamation points and smiley faces in my casual online conversations!!!!!!!

What I Love Most About AssistU

I love the unwavering support from my fellow AU VAs! It’s such an inclusive community and everyone is simultaneously teaching and learning.