It rarely happens, but occasionally, I’ll get email from someone wanting to “make sure” I know what someone else in the industry is doing.

In reality, I almost never know, or care.

It’s not that I am shoving my head in the sand, but that I’ve learned an important lesson (in last week’s post—this is #2 that I mentioned).

Focus on Your Own Stuff!

Being successful requires you to focus on what you’re doing, and what you want to do. Why dilute that by looking at what everyone else is doing? When you do, you lose the ability to be creative in whatever way(s) you are authentically creative (mostly because you start comparing what you’re thinking of doing with what others are doing or have done, and it stops you from moving forward). Who cares, really, about what others are doing?

Some time ago, my friend, Antonette taught me this phrase: “You do you, and I’ll do me.” It means, of course, that being authentic (keepin’ it real), and doing your own thing, are the things that really matter. In your VA practice (or whatever other work or activities you have going on), focus on doing you. You’ll never go wrong. –