In the middle of an interview with a prospective client, Jean knew she didn’t want to work with him. She waited for a break in the conversation and gently gave him the news. He said, snidely, “Young woman, you should be happy to get the work from me!”

Ha! You should be happy to get the work…as long as it’s work you want to be doing, for a client you wish to work with.

Clients who want to tell you how  to run your business need to be shown the door, straight away.

Once upon a time, I was of the mind that a retort of some sort would be in order. Older and far wiser, what I know for sure is that in the same way that a guy like this hasn’t been invited to school you and therefore has no right to do that, you have no right to school him. And, in truth, no learning could go on when the other is convinced of an opinion.

What you do have the right to do is quickly end the conversation.

So, instead of a retort, here’s some language you can use to take the high road, and get him off the phone:

Because I don’t at all share your position, it’s even more clear that I’m not the right VA for you. Thank you for spending time with me today, and good luck in your search for a great VA to help you!

Don’t give a person like this one minute more of your time or energy than you need to. Every bit of it that you give away is time you cannot put toward billable work, or focused on finding a more appropriate potential client to have a far more delightful conversation with!