Last week, I posted about the VA’s Bill of Rights, and suggested that you embrace the standards it contains.

This week, I’m sharing the Client’s Bill of Rights, and with it the same suggestion. :)

Clients have the right to certain expectations of you in the work you do together. Please notice that none of the rights have anything to do with making you “less-than,” or treating you like an employee.

Rights? Of course the client has rights!

Client’s Bill of Rights

1. The right to be fairly invoiced
2. The right to count on a partner, not just a cyber secretary
3. The right to expect discretion at all times
4. The right to have the value and limits of my resources respected
5. The right to have my VA be as proactive and responsive as possible
6. The right to count on my VA’s abilities to get things done, even if she’s not doing them herself
7. The right to make mistakes
8. The right to the final decision with regard to my own work
9. The right to clear and concise communication
10. The right to be advised, in advance, of my VA’s availability

What others would you add? I’m all ears!