Never spin a story. Spinning is absolutely the same as lying.

Yet, it’s not untruthful to uncover and expose the other side of, well, anything.

It’s the classic glass half empty or glass half full analogy; the glass may be half empty (truth), but it’s equally true to say that the glass is half full. And it’s not spinning to share the truth that’s more in alignment with who you are as a human. For most of us, that’s always going to be the better of the two.

My friend Judy once told me that she thought she was too slow to be a VA. She thought clients might not appreciate that it could take her longer to do things than other VAs and wouldn’t want to pay for that.

In asking her to expose the other side of that perceived flaw, she said that being slower also meant that she is mindful, detail oriented, thorough, focused, and that nothing slips through the cracks.

“That,” I said, “Is what you share with your clients, because that’s the truth of who you are.”

If you’re looking at yourself or your abilities and concerned that your “flaws” will hinder your success, remember that every downside has a hidden upside.

Figure out the gift on the other side, expose that, and shine for your clients the way you deserve to!