Mistakes—as long as humans are in the mix, there will be mistakes because we’re perfectly imperfect… and, well, life happens. We can’t do much to be less human or to prevent life from happening, but we can understand mistakes—an outcome directly related to both. We can understand why they happen, how to mitigate their impact to the extent it’s possible to do so, and how to consciously learn and grow from them when they DO happen, so that we make fewer, and feel more compassion for ourselves when we, as we inevitably will, make them.

Chief Takeways

  • Perfectionism sucks. You are perfectly imperfect. And life happens. ♥
  • There are three kinds of mistakes. Only one of them is an instant relationship killer.
  • Blame is never helpful; always give the benefit of the doubt and ask what happened, rather than assuming you know.
  • Create a hold-harmless atmosphere with clients. Write it into your client agreements.
  • Move from being responsible to response-able. Figure the problem out and come with solutions. Clients really want someone who will help make things right. Be that person.
  • Stay in the mess long enough to learn the lesson it holds for you.
  • Have kick-ass, consistently updated documentation of processes and procedures.
  • Fewer mistakes = less drama = less chaos. Conversely, more chaos = more drama = more mistakes. To do your best work and create the best outcomes, don’t work with clients in chaos.
  • When you find yourself in a funk over a mistake, access something that easily and quickly brings you joy. Do whatever it takes to shift out of that funk as fast as you can.
  • You can never go wrong by taking the time to reconnect your head and your heart, {You can learn this exercise by watching this video]

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