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We know how much there is to consider when your heart talks to you about starting your own business as a virtual assistant. One of the big ones is how in the world you’ll learn all there is to know so you create something solid, something worthy of your work, something that will bring good to your life.

You can buy an ebook. You can get a Udemy course with a few hours of video content. You can join an online group or forum. You can search the Internet for information, read blogs, and collect as much free and low-cost information as you want, and none of it will ever give you what we are offering. Never. Ever.

Our proven virtual assistant training program—The Virtual Mentoring Program—is the smart “how.”

Here’s what you need to know about it.

About The Virtual Mentoring Program

The Virtual Mentoring Program is an 11 week online program paired with a total of 16 weeks of 1:1 mentoring that shows you exactly what you need to do to create a virtual assisting business you’ll love and provides support while you do. It includes:

A Proven Program

We’ve been training top-notch VAs for nearly 20 years. Our program has helped so many people (over 1000 of them!) create solid businesses and lives they truly love. Why reinvent the wheel or look elsewhere when we have what you need to master what matters most in your new business?


Did we mention it’s 1:1? You and your very own mentor (we’ll hand pick her for you!) focusing on nothing else but you, your new business, and our program. Have a question? She’ll be there with an answer—and not just any-old answer, but an answer born out of her experience with our program (she’s a graduate!), and using it to build her own successful business.

Professional Business Coaching

Our founder, Anastacia Brice, meets with you and other mentees in a group once each month to provide any extra support you may need. She’s brilliant and you’ll love having her vast experience on your side!


When you start something new, it’s important to have more support than you think you’ll need. We get that, and have a private online space—open 24/7 and available on your computer, tablet or phone—just for you and the other mentees. It’s a great place to get to know other people doing what you’re doing, and to hear other voices on the topics you’re thinking about.  The mentor team is in there with you, too, ready to help with whatever you need.


Like templates, we give you checklists to use or riff off of to help you manage things, in the program and in your business.

Interesting Case Studies

While the main focus will be creating your business, we offer thought-provoking case studies from other VAs’ practices for you to learn from. With a million things that can go right or wrong, we want you to have some practice looking at different situations, and thinking about what you would do, compared to what we share that you could do for a terrific outcome.

Regular Updates

This virtual work world of ours changes, grows, and expands all the time. And we want you to be on top of what’s most important, so we put our “information antennae” to work to make sure you have the best, smartest, information we can gather for you.

Action Steps

Not only do we share what to do and how to do it, we also give you the smart action steps to take next. We don’t want you to have to guess about anything.

Awesome Program Materials

Our training library is complete, includes 500+ pages on every topic under the sun that relates to a virtual assistant business, and is available to you from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. We know you might want to access it offline, too, so we make every bit of it available for download.

The Answer Archive

Available 24/7, search the conversations and questions that have been asked by our mentees and instantly benefit from the wisdom that’s already been shared. Don’t find what you need? Pay it forward and ask your question so that it and its answers become part of the archive and help someone else.


When you start something new, it’s hard to figure out how to create tools to help you. We have a variety of templates you can copy and use in your business (and we won’t even call you a cheater!) until you develop your own voice and your own stash of helpful things.

Excellent Resources and Tools

Important books, genius sites to refer to again and again, the best vendors…we share the truly good stuff so you don’t have to hunt for it and make your learning curve that much easier.

How to Say Things

Whether it will be talking with people about your business or talking with your clients, in some way, you’re going to talk about things like what you do, what your fees are, how you run your business, why retainer hours won’t roll over to the next month, and what’s going to happen when you take that two-week cruise to the Western Caribbean. When you begin, there are many scenarios you may encounter where you literally wouldn’t know what to say simply because you’d had zero experience in being in that conversation, and you can end up feeling a bit like a deer caught in headlights. We have great language we share throughout the program to help you feel more confident, and help it feel more natural when you’re talking with people.

What We Teach

We teach you to smartly own and operate a VA business. It’s what you probably think you don’t need, but need desperately. We take you from A to Z. From soup to nuts. Interesting stuff, because we figure you’ve probably had enough of boring in your jobs. We include everything you need to start this business and do this work, as well as to be ready to grow it, when that time comes.

We also help you with skills because those you already have will be an absolute asset, but likely not enough.

And we teach you to connect your head and heart, use your intuition, and create your dream of freedom.

In addition, we’ll help you with the following:


What we know for sure is that you can’t have a great business that contributes positively to your life if you don’t have a darned-good life. And any path to having a great life begins with self-care. You have to have heard the idea that, in an air emergency you should always put on your own oxygen mask before helping someone else–even when that’s not the intuitive thing to do. Here with us, we’ll help you really understand why that’s important, in all areas of your life and work.

Innovative and Timeless Thinking

Our innovation is actually in the timelessness of what we teach. What you learn from us won’t be outdated next year, or even in five years. So no matter where you are at any point in your journey, what you learn will support you well.

Finding Yourself

It takes time to find yourself as a business owner. We give you 16 glorious weeks to get a strong start with that.

Creating a Solid Foundation

Some people jump off cliffs and grow their wings on the way down. That may work when you are setting up your microwave for the first time, but it’s stupid when setting up a business. We teach you to be smarter, and grow your business from the ground up.

Soft Skills That Trump Hard Skills

Monkeys can learn to do just about anything. Robots are taking over more and more rote tasks. So it stands to reason that you have to build a business that’s more about how you use your mind and heart than how you execute tasks. That’s not to say that executing tasks isn’t important–but that your soft skills are more important than any hard-skills you’ll ever learn. Critical thinking skills (how you connect dots), attention to detail, listening, time management, communication (verbal and written), just to name a few, are the real deal, and some of what you get to practice during your time with us because we know that if you ace the soft skills, and add some desired hard skills to the mix, you’ll be unstoppable in your business.

How You’ll Benefit From The Virtual Mentoring Program

There are so many ways, including the fact that you will be a different person (in very good ways!) than you are today. But women don’t buy our program for the transformation. In fact, we’ve been told that they think our saying this is just a bunch of sales copy that has no real meaning. But then they graduate and find out—as you hopefully will, too!

In addition to that, you’ll benefit from:

A New Business

16 weeks. That’s not a long time to create and be ready for something that’s going to change your life. But that’s what you’ll have.

A Terrific Understanding of the Playing Field

Virtual Assistants work online and use tools that facilitate work done by people who aren’t physically in the same location. Getting comfy working this way is vital to a VA’s success. That’s why we train you in this environment, and it’s why the 16 weeks you’ll spend here with us will give you greater ease that no classroom environment could ever give you. By the time you finish The Virtual Mentoring Program, you’ll be light years ahead of anyone who hasn’t had the time you’ve had to explore and grow in our virtual world before beginning her business.

Success —Faster

Traditional business wisdom says it takes a business owner three to five years before she’s happy with her business. Our graduates generally are there in less time because of the work they do in The Virtual Mentoring Program that sets them up to get there faster.

A Flattened Learning Curve

You’ll move along faster because you’re not going to have to guess about things or cobble together things you find from other sources. And the journey should be far easier for you because we’ll show you where to go and we’ll help move roadblocks out of your way. .

High Standards

Standards spell out how you’ll act and what will guide you. Most people have very few. Many businesses have even fewer–which is one of the reasons, in our view, that more than 50% of all new businesses won’t make it to a fifth anniversary.  Our standards are the highest in the business, and we model walking our talk every minute of every day. We believe that’s one of the reasons we’ve been in business for nearly 20 years. We know it’s one of the reasons we continue to deeply love what we do. And when you craft your own standards in The Virtual Mentoring Program, to guide your own journey and your business, you won’t have to ever guess about what to do, what to say, or how to be true to yourself and the VA business you’ve created. Things are just easier with high standards.

Who the Program’s For

The Virtual Mentoring Program is for women who want to start businesses as virtual assistants, or those who have already started businesses as VAs but know they didn’t set things up the best way possible. It’s for those who prefer to do things right, even if that’s not the fastest way. It’s for those who want to work smart, so they don’t have to work too hard. And it’s for those who are ready to go for a better life through owning a business as a virtual assistant.  If you’re a dreamer who isn’t afraid to roll up your sleeves and build something great for yourself in the form of a virtual assistant business, The Virtual Mentoring Program was really created for you. We do suggest you have certain experiences and qualities before enrolling, so you’ll want to take some time to read our FAQs.

About Your Investment

Investment is a funny word; in our virtual world, you’ll learn that it’s most often used in place of the word “price.” We use it to describe what you need to be willing to invest, and only a piece of that is the price of the program.

In The Virtual Mentoring Program, your biggest investments will be of time, energy, and heart. This is what happens when you go for your dream—there’s simply no way to do it without going all-in.

The program itself will require about five hours each week (that’s an average—some weeks may require less time and others more time) of active work.

Beyond that, you’ll likely find that your mind is engaged in new ways; as you learn new things, explore new ideas, and are introduced to new concepts, all kinds of things are likely to open up for you.

And your heart is likely to be touched in ways you may never had it touched before by your work. That’s because you’ll be building something of your very own, and something made to be perfect for you.

As far as the price of the program, it’s $1815 USD. You can pay the full tuition, or use our payment plan: $515 down, and then four monthly payments of $350.

(Or keep reading to see what our grads have to say about how we helped them, as well as how to get any
additional questions answered. We want you to have everything you need to make a smart decision for yourself!)

The Happiness Promise

We want you to be able to experience us and the VMP with very little risk. At the same time, we want serious women who aren’t buying on a whim, or who aren’t likely to run away because they get cold feet. Our solution is our Happiness Promise. If you enroll in the program, you promise to give it a really good try; we’ll ask you to go through the first two classes and do the work, hang out with us, talk with your mentor, and ask any questions you might have—being fully committed. If you do that and hand in your work (so we can see that you really did give it a good try), and tell us within 14 days of your start date that what we offer just isn’t for you, we promise to quickly refund your tuition, minus an administrative fee ($250). After 14 days, or if you don’t fulfill the requirements of the Happiness Promise, there will be no refund for any reason, and if you leave the program before completing it, or if we have to ask you to leave for any reason, you’ll be expected to pay the full balance owed in accordance with your payment plan. Fair’s fair.

What a Few of Our Grads Want You to Know About the Training

When people ask me about my AssistU training, I open my mouth but words don’t come out. How do you describe an experience that changed your life? Everything I learned as part of my training to build my VA business has had a positive impact on my personal life. There is no dividing line. Having strong standards, learning to address tolerations, treating people with kindness—these traits are just as important in my business as they are in my personal life. Having gone through the AssistU training and remaining an active part of the AssistU community have helped me continue to develop and grow in all facets of my life.

Pam Ryan

Virtual Ringmaster, LLC

The training received ensures you can create a successful business. Everything learned carries over into personal life organically. Between training, coaching, mentoring you are more than well equipped. If you learn what’s taught the sky is the limit!

Larissa Parks

7 Winds Co.

I already knew how to be a good assistant, so teaching me as though I lacked that foundation would have been a waste. A great deal of what I learned had to do with how to make the shift (successfully) from being an employee to owning and running a business, and this was exactly what I needed.

Nicole Paull

Mainspring Enterprises

The training is very practical. Almost all that I learned to apply to my business, such as boundaries and standards, I also apply in my personal life. The training has given me clarity in a lot of areas. It simplified business set up and continuation.

Rebekah Quintana


The training at AssistU has changed my life in so many ways it’s sometimes difficult to comprehend. Being my own boss, setting my own hours and choosing who I work with was the goal I had strived for when I embarked upon the journey of becoming an AssistU graduate.  What I took away from the training was so much more than I ever imagined.  The AssistU program and community have impacted every aspect of my life.

If I had to list the most important changes the AU training brought to my career, they would be: having strong standards around my business and my life, having a process around choosing ideal clients and working only with ideal clients, and being able to set my own work schedule.  You’ll never know how lousy your standards really are or how much they matter until you do the program. It’s a crazy eye-opener.

The training taught me how to build a foundation under by business and take control of my career path, but what I did not expect was for the lessons to seep over into my everyday life and teach me to be a stronger, more grounded person.

Anastacia’s training is practical and timeless.  I still occasionally pull out my binder and review something because the material is as valuable today as it was seven years ago.

Erin Wentworth

A Virtual Necessity

I was amazed at the quality of training that I received. My expectations were dwarfed by the level of hands-on mentoring that I received in all areas of setting up and maintaining my business. It was so worth it! The AssistU Mentoring program covers every detail imaginable to run a successful virtual business and my mentor helped me put all of that information into practical application. She was able to walk me through theoretical scenarios to come up with solutions and she helped me work out questions that I had about my business as I was setting it up. I can’t begin to describe the benefits that have come from this training.

Janet Zaborowski

Janet Z VA

When I discovered AssistU in 2002, I knew I’d found exactly what I needed to successfully launch my own business – solid teaching, generous support, and a phenomenal community of likeminded people who share generously of their skills and expertise. Learning why and how to set my standards appropriately has been foundational to my ongoing success. Fully processing and absorbing the  law of attraction and theory of abundance, which on the surface appeared “new-agey” but which are actually very in line with my Christian belief of God’s provision, was pure gold.

Alicia Moore

Morada Associates

The AssistU training is very practical. There are realistic examples and scenarios throughout the course. It allows you to think for yourself, set your own standards, but also give you advice in a very real and practical way. What I love most about the training is how it flows over to multiple aspects of my life. It has not only helped me become an independent small business owner and an entrepreneur; but it has made a positive impact on me in my personal life. The training at AssistU is more comprehensive than simply setting up a business. You can do that anywhere. The training at AssistU helps you attain your full potential professionally and personally.

The best accomplishments in life are the ones you have to work hard to get. If something is easy to achieve, it tends not to mean as much. I know that I worked hard to get where I am in this program. I also know that AssistU has high standards and they won’t bend or ignore them for anyone. When I graduated and was invited to join their community of virtual assistants, I could rest assured that I earned that honor. It also continues to push me to be someone they can be proud to have in their community.

Sara Clime

Triumph VA

Want to hear from more of our grads? We have you covered.

Have more questions? Our FAQs are full of answers (and we suggest you review them!).

And if you’d like to talk with us to get questions answered or discuss options, please get in touch. You can email us, of course.
And Anastacia has Office Hours most Mondays and Thursdays, and you’re always welcome to schedule a call with her.

Ready now? Let’s go!

“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.”
– Sheryl Sandberg

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