Three Smart Ways to End Burnout

I've been having conversations with VAs who have been in practice for some time about where they can take their solo businesses. We've talked growth, working smart, having high standards, learning plans, profitability...but it wasn't until I sat down this afternoon to...

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Does It Hurt When You Do That?

Jane and I were talking the other day to see if I might be an appropriate coach for her, which is why she was telling me about the immense unhappiness she felt in her relationship with a client. Apparently, when you look up “micro manager” in the dictionary, said...

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Virtual Moxie

Moxie comes from living your truth, and running your business in a way that honors it. It takes a willingness to explore who you are and what you want, high standards, savvy, commitment, smarts, skill, a terrific strength of character, and ease with grace and humility.

Here on our blog, we explore elements and aspects of moxie to help you raise your own bar on a truly amazing life and business. We hope you’ll visit often!

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